House Rules Title: HR1 Chapter: 3

            HR1-3-102.   Duties of the speaker.

            (1) The general duties of the speaker are to:

            (a) call the House to order at the time scheduled for convening, and proceed with the daily order of business;

            (b) announce the business before the House in the order that it is to be acted upon;

            (c) receive and submit in the proper manner all motions and proposals presented by representatives;

            (d) put to a vote all questions that arise in the course of proceedings, and announce the results of the vote;

            (e) enforce the House Rules governing debates;

            (f) enforce observance of order and decorum;

            (g) inform the House on any point of order or practice;

            (h) receive and announce to the House any official messages and communications;

            (i) sign all acts, orders, and proceedings of the House;

            (j) appoint the members of committees;

            (k) assign responsibilities to, and supervise the officers and employees of, the House;

            (l) assign places and determine access for news media representatives; and

            (m) represent the House, declaring its will and obeying its commands.

            (2) The speaker shall:

            (a) sign, or authorize a designee to sign, all requisitions on the Division of Finance to pay House expenses; and

            (b) give final approval of all expenditure requests as authorized by the majority and minority leaders of the House, including compensation and reimbursement for expenses for in-state and out-of-state travel on legislative business.