Joint Rules Title: JR6 Chapter: 1

            JR6-1-101.   Legislative ethics.

            (1) The Utah Legislature consists of people who work part-time and must necessarily earn their living in other jobs and professions.

            (2) It is necessary to reconcile the functions of privately employed legislators who have their own private interests with the maintenance of high ethical standards and public confidence.

            (3) In seeking to balance these interests, it is necessary to avoid controls that might be so strict that they discourage capable and honorable persons from entering legislative service.

            (4) It is recognized that public confidence in the Legislature should be promoted and that competent members should serve in the Legislature even though most of them have private interests of various types.

            (5) It is also recognized that a citizen legislator is in a different position in doing business with the state and its political subdivisions than a public servant whose chief source of livelihood is derived from public funds.