Joint Rules Title: JR6 Chapter: 1

            JR6-1-202.   Disclosure of outside remuneration.

            (1) As used in this section:

            (a) "Person" includes an individual, partnership, association, organization, company, and bodies politic and corporate or a lobbyist from any of these.

            (b) "Person" does not include a person who provides the legislator's primary source of income.

            (2) If any person provides remuneration to a legislator to compensate that legislator for a loss of salary or income while the Legislature is in session, that legislator shall file a written disclosure identifying:

            (a) that the legislator receives remuneration; and

            (b) the name of the person who provides the remuneration.

            (3) (a) The legislator shall file the disclosure by February 1 of each year with:

            (i) the secretary of the Senate, if the legislator is a senator; or

            (ii) the chief clerk of the House of Representatives, if the legislator is a representative.

            (b) This disclosure is available to the public.