Joint Rules Title: JR6 Chapter: 2

            JR6-2-302.   Chair as presiding judge.

            (1) Except as expressly provided otherwise in this title, the chair of the Independent Legislative Ethics Commission and the chair of the Senate or House Ethics Committee is vested with the power to direct the commission or committee during meetings authorized by this title.

            (2) Unless expressly prohibited from doing so under this title, the commission or committee may overrule a decision of the chair by using the following procedure:

            (a) If a member objects to a decision of the chair, that member may appeal the decision by stating:

            (i) "I appeal the decision of the chair."; and

            (ii) the basis for the objection.

            (b) This motion is nondebatable.

            (c) The chair shall direct a roll call vote to determine if the commission or committee supports the decision of the chair.

            (d) A majority vote of the commission or committee is necessary to overrule the decision of the chair.

            (3) The chair may set time limitations on any part of a meeting or hearing authorized by this title.