Title 11 Chapter 13

Title 11Cities, Counties, and Local Taxing Units (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 13Interlocal Cooperation Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Purpose of chapter.
Section 103 Definitions.
Section 201 Joint exercise of power, privilege, or authority by public agencies -- Relationship to the Municipal Cable Television and Public Telecommunications Services Act.
Section 202 Agreements for joint or cooperative action, for providing or exchanging services, or for law enforcement services -- Effective date of agreement -- Public agencies may restrict their authority or exempt each other regarding permits and fees.
Section 202.5 Approval of certain agreements -- Review by attorney.
Section 203 Interlocal entities -- Agreement to approve the creation of an interlocal entity -- Utah interlocal entity may become electric interlocal entity or energy services interlocal entity.
Section 203.5 Powers, immunities, and privileges of law enforcement officers under an agreement for law enforcement -- Requirements for out-of-state officers.
Section 204 Powers and duties of interlocal entities -- Additional powers of energy services interlocal entities -- Length of term of agreement and interlocal entity -- Notice to lieutenant governor -- Recording requirements -- Public Service Commission.
Section 205 Agreement by public agencies to approve the creation of a new entity to own sewage and wastewater facilities -- Powers and duties of new entities -- Validation of previously created entities -- Notice to lieutenant governor -- Recording requirements.
Section 206 Requirements for agreements for joint or cooperative action.
Section 207 Additional requirements for agreement not establishing interlocal entity.
Section 208 Agreement does not relieve public agency of legal obligation or responsibility -- Exception.
Section 209 Filing of agreement.
Section 210 Controversies involving agreements between Utah public agencies and out-of-state agencies.
Section 211 Public agencies authorized to provide resources to administrative joint boards or interlocal entity.
Section 212 Contracts between public agencies or with interlocal entities to perform services, activities, or undertakings -- Facilities and improvements.
Section 213 Agreements for joint ownership, operation, or acquisition of facilities or improvements.
Section 214 Conveyance or acquisition of property by public agency.
Section 215 Sharing tax or other revenues.
Section 216 Term of agreements.
Section 217 Control and operation of joint facility or improvement provided by agreement.
Section 218 Authority of public agencies or interlocal entities to issue bonds.
Section 219 Publication of resolutions or agreements -- Contesting legality of resolution or agreement.
Section 220 Qualifications of officers or employees performing services under agreements.
Section 221 Compliance with chapter sufficient to effectuate agreements.
Section 222 Officers and employees performing services under agreements.
Section 223 Open and public meetings.
Section 224 Utah interlocal entity for alternative fuel vehicles and facilities.
Section 301 Project entity and generation output requirements.
Section 302 Payment of fee in lieu of ad valorem property tax by certain energy suppliers -- Method of calculating -- Collection -- Extent of tax lien.
Section 303 Source of project entity's payment of sales and use tax -- Gross receipts taxes for facilities providing additional project capacity.
Section 304 Certificate of public convenience and necessity required -- Exceptions.
Section 305 Impact alleviation requirements -- Payments in lieu of ad valorem tax -- Source of impact alleviation payment.
Section 306 Procedure in case of inability to formulate contract for impact alleviation.
Section 307 Method of amending impact alleviation contract.
Section 308 Effect of failure to comply.
Section 309 Venue for civil action -- No trial de novo.
Section 310 Termination of impact alleviation contract.
Section 311 Credit for impact alleviation payments against in lieu of ad valorem property taxes -- Federal or state assistance.
Section 312 Exemption from privilege tax.
Section 313 Arbitration of disputes.
Section 314 Eminent domain authority of certain commercial project entities.
Section 315 Taxed interlocal entity.
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