Title 11 Chapter 42

Title 11Cities, Counties, and Local Taxing Units (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Chapters: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 42Assessment Area Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 103 Limit on effect of this chapter.
Section 104 Waiver by property owners -- Requirements.
Section 105 No limitation on other local entity powers -- Conflict with other statutory provisions.
Section 106 Action to contest assessment or proceeding -- Requirements -- Exclusive remedy -- Bonds and assessment incontestable.
Section 107 Accepting donation or contribution.
Section 108 Utility connections before paving or repaving is done -- Failure to make connection.
Section 109 Severability.
Section 201 Resolution or ordinance designating an assessment area -- Zones within an assessment area -- Preconditions to adoption of a resolution or ordinance.
Section 202 Requirements applicable to a notice of a proposed assessment area designation.
Section 203 Protests.
Section 204 Hearing.
Section 205 Unimproved property.
Section 206 Adoption of a resolution or ordinance regarding a proposed assessment area -- Designation of an assessment area may not occur if adequate protests filed -- Recording of resolution or ordinance and notice of proposed assessment.
Section 207 Adding property to an assessment area.
Section 208 Recording notice of deletion if property is deleted from an assessment area.
Section 209 Designation of assessment area for energy efficiency upgrade or renewable energy system -- Requirements.
Section 301 Improvements made only under contract let to lowest responsive, responsible bidder -- Publishing notice -- Sealed bids -- Procedure -- Exceptions to contract requirement.
Section 302 Contracts for work in an assessment area -- Sources of payment -- Payments as work progresses.
Section 401 Levying an assessment -- Prerequisites -- Assessment list.
Section 402 Notice of assessment and board of equalization hearing.
Section 403 Board of equalization -- Hearings -- Corrections to proposed assessment list -- Report to governing body -- Appeal -- Board findings final -- Waiver of objections.
Section 404 Adoption of a resolution or ordinance levying an assessment -- Notice of the adoption -- Effective date of resolution or ordinance -- Notice of assessment interest.
Section 405 Limit on amount of assessment -- Costs required to be paid by the local entity.
Section 406 Assessment for economic promotion activities -- Reporting.
Section 407 Improvements that change the grade of an existing street, alley, or sidewalk -- Improvements that improve an intersection or spaces opposite an alley.
Section 408 Assessment against government land prohibited -- Exception.
Section 409 Assessment requirements.
Section 410 Amending an assessment resolution or ordinance.
Section 411 Installment payment of assessments.
Section 412 Assessment fund -- Uses of money in the fund -- Treasurer's duties with respect to the fund.
Section 413 Surplus assessments -- Payment of bonds -- Rebate of assessment if improvements abandoned.
Section 414 Remaining interest and other money in assessment fund to be transferred to the guaranty fund or the local entity's general fund.
Section 415 Pledge and use of improvement revenues -- Reducing installment payments -- Notice -- Overpayment of installment.
Section 416 Validation of prior assessment proceedings.
Section 501 Assessment constitutes a lien -- Characteristics of an assessment lien.
Section 502 Enforcement of an assessment lien -- Methods of enforcing lien -- Redemption of property -- Remedies are cumulative to other remedies.
Section 503 Local entity payments to avoid a default in local entity obligations -- Reimbursement of payments when property sold at tax or foreclosure sale.
Section 504 Assessments on property that the local entity acquires at tax sale or foreclosure -- Transferring title of property in lieu of paying assessments -- Reimbursement.
Section 505 Default in the payment of an installment of an assessment -- Interest and costs -- Restoring the property owner to the right to pay installments.
Section 506 Release and discharge of assessment lien -- Notice of dissolution of assessment area.
Section 601 Interim warrants.
Section 602 Bond anticipation notes.
Section 603 Sources of payment for interim warrants and bond anticipation notes.
Section 604 Notice regarding resolution or ordinance authorizing interim warrants or bond anticipation notes -- Complaint contesting warrants or notes -- Prohibition against contesting warrants and notes.
Section 605 Local entity may authorize the issuance of assessment bonds -- Limit on amount of bonds -- Features of assessment bonds.
Section 606 Assessment bonds are not a local entity's general obligation -- Liability and responsibility of a local entity that issues assessment bonds.
Section 607 Refunding assessment bonds.
Section 608 Reducing assessments after issuance of refunding assessment bonds.
Section 609 Validation of previously issued obligations.
Section 701 Guaranty fund.
Section 702 Reserve fund.
Section 703 Payment from guaranty fund or reserve fund if insufficient funds available in the assessment fund -- Payment by warrant from guaranty fund or reserve fund -- Subrogation.
Section 704 Transfers from local entity funds to replenish guaranty fund or reserve fund.
Section 705 Warrants to meet guaranty fund and reserve fund liabilities -- Levy to pay warrants authorized -- Limit on the levy.
Section 706 Validation of prior guaranty fund or reserve fund proceedings.
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