Title 16 Chapter 6a

Title 16Corporations (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 6aUtah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 103 Notice.
Section 104 Powers of the division.
Section 105 Filing requirements.
Section 106 Forms.
Section 107 Fees.
Section 108 Effective time and date of filed documents.
Section 109 Correcting filed documents.
Section 110 Filing duty of division.
Section 111 Appeal from division's refusal to file document.
Section 112 Evidentiary effect of copy of filed document.
Section 113 Certificates issued by the division.
Section 114 Penalty for signing false documents.
Section 115 Liability to third parties.
Section 116 Private foundations.
Section 117 Judicial relief.
Section 118 Electronic documents.
Section 119 Execution against a mutual benefit corporation.
Section 201 Incorporators.
Section 202 Articles of incorporation.
Section 203 Incorporation.
Section 204 Liability for preincorporation transactions.
Section 205 Organization of the corporation.
Section 206 Bylaws.
Section 207 Incorporation of cooperative association.
Section 301 Purposes.
Section 302 General powers.
Section 303 Emergency powers.
Section 304 Ultra vires.
Section 401 Corporate name.
Section 402 Reserved name.
Section 403 Corporate name -- Limited rights.
Section 601 No requirement of members.
Section 602 Number and classes.
Section 603 Admission.
Section 604 Consideration.
Section 605 Differences in rights and obligations of members.
Section 606 Transfers.
Section 607 Creditor's action against member.
Section 608 Resignation.
Section 609 Termination, expulsion, or suspension.
Section 610 Purchase of memberships.
Section 611 No property right.
Section 612 Derivative suits.
Section 613 Delegates.
Section 701 Annual and regular meetings.
Section 702 Special meetings.
Section 703 Court-ordered meeting.
Section 704 Notice of meeting.
Section 705 Waiver of notice.
Section 706 Record date -- Determining members entitled to notice and vote.
Section 707 Action without meeting.
Section 708 Meetings by telecommunication.
Section 709 Action by written ballot.
Section 710 Members' list for meeting and action by written ballot.
Section 711 Voting entitlement generally.
Section 712 Proxies.
Section 713 Nonprofit corporation's acceptance of votes.
Section 714 Quorum and voting requirements for voting groups.
Section 715 Action by single and multiple voting groups.
Section 716 Greater quorum or voting requirements.
Section 717 Voting for directors -- Cumulative voting.
Section 718 Voting agreements.
Section 801 Requirement for board of directors.
Section 802 Qualifications of directors.
Section 803 Number of directors.
Section 804 Election, appointment, and designation of directors.
Section 805 Terms of directors generally.
Section 806 Staggered terms for directors.
Section 807 Resignation of directors.
Section 808 Removal of directors.
Section 809 Removal of directors by judicial proceeding.
Section 810 Vacancy on board.
Section 811 Compensation of directors.
Section 812 Meetings.
Section 813 Action without meeting.
Section 814 Notice of meeting.
Section 815 Waiver of notice.
Section 816 Quorum and voting.
Section 817 Committees of the board.
Section 818 Officers.
Section 819 Duties of officers.
Section 820 Resignation and removal of officers.
Section 821 Contract rights with respect to officers.
Section 822 General standards of conduct for directors and officers.
Section 823 Limitation of liability of directors.
Section 824 Liability of directors for unlawful distributions.
Section 825 Conflicting interest transaction.
Section 826 Common members, directors, or officers.
Section 901 Indemnification definitions.
Section 902 Authority to indemnify directors.
Section 903 Mandatory indemnification of directors.
Section 904 Advance of expenses for directors.
Section 905 Court-ordered indemnification of directors.
Section 906 Determination and authorization of indemnification of directors.
Section 907 Indemnification of officers, employees, fiduciaries, and agents.
Section 908 Insurance.
Section 909 Limitations on indemnification of directors.
Section 910 Notice to voting members of indemnification of director.
Section 1001 Authority to amend articles of incorporation.
Section 1002 Amendment of articles of incorporation by board of directors or incorporators.
Section 1003 Amendment of articles of incorporation by board of directors and members.
Section 1004 Voting on amendments of articles of incorporation by voting groups.
Section 1005 Articles of amendment to articles of incorporation.
Section 1006 Restated articles of incorporation.
Section 1007 Amendment of articles of incorporation pursuant to reorganization.
Section 1008 Conversion to a business corporation.
Section 1008.7 Conversion to or from a domestic limited liability company.
Section 1009 Effect of amendment of articles of incorporation.
Section 1010 Amendment of bylaws by board of directors or members.
Section 1011 Bylaw changing quorum or voting requirement for members.
Section 1012 Bylaw changing quorum or voting requirement for directors.
Section 1013 Approval by third persons.
Section 1014 Amendment terminating members or redeeming or canceling memberships.
Section 1101 Merger.
Section 1102 Action on plan of merger.
Section 1103 Articles of merger.
Section 1104 Effect of merger.
Section 1105 Merger with foreign nonprofit corporation.
Section 1201 Sale of property.
Section 1202 Sale of property other than in regular course of activities.
Section 1301 Distributions prohibited.
Section 1302 Authorized distributions.
Section 1401 Dissolution by incorporators or directors if no members.
Section 1402 Dissolution by directors and members.
Section 1403 Articles of dissolution.
Section 1404 Revocation of dissolution.
Section 1405 Effect of dissolution.
Section 1406 Disposition of known claims by notification.
Section 1407 Disposition of claims by publication.
Section 1408 Enforcement of claims against dissolved nonprofit corporation.
Section 1409 Service on dissolved nonprofit corporation.
Section 1410 Grounds for administrative dissolution.
Section 1411 Procedure for and effect of administrative dissolution.
Section 1412 Reinstatement following administrative dissolution -- Reinstatement after voluntary dissolution.
Section 1413 Appeal from denial of reinstatement.
Section 1414 Grounds for judicial dissolution.
Section 1415 Procedure for judicial dissolution.
Section 1416 Receivership or custodianship.
Section 1417 Decree of dissolution.
Section 1418 Dissolution upon expiration of period of duration.
Section 1419 Deposit with state treasurer.
Section 1501 Authority to conduct affairs required.
Section 1502 Consequences of conducting affairs without authority.
Section 1503 Application for authority to conduct affairs.
Section 1504 Amended application for authority to conduct affairs.
Section 1505 Effect of filing an application for authority to conduct affairs.
Section 1506 Corporate name and assumed corporate name of foreign nonprofit corporation.
Section 1507 Registered name of foreign nonprofit corporation.
Section 1510 Resignation of registered agent of foreign nonprofit corporation.
Section 1511 Service on foreign nonprofit corporation.
Section 1512 Merger of foreign nonprofit corporations authorized to conduct affairs in this state.
Section 1513 Withdrawal of foreign nonprofit corporation.
Section 1514 Service on withdrawn foreign nonprofit corporation.
Section 1515 Grounds for revocation.
Section 1516 Procedure for and effect of revocation.
Section 1517 Appeal from revocation.
Section 1518 Domestication of foreign nonprofit corporations.
Section 1601 Corporate records.
Section 1602 Inspection of records by directors and members.
Section 1603 Scope of inspection right.
Section 1604 Court-ordered inspection of corporate records.
Section 1605 Limitations on use of membership list.
Section 1606 Financial statements.
Section 1607 Annual report for division.
Section 1608 Statement of person named as director or officer.
Section 1609 Interrogatories by division.
Section 1610 Scope of a member's right to inspect or receive copies.
Section 1701 Application to existing domestic nonprofit corporations -- Reports of domestic and foreign nonprofit corporation.
Section 1702 Application to foreign nonprofit corporations.
Section 1703 Nonapplicability of chapter.
Section 1704 Saving provisions.
Section 1705 Severability clause.
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