Title 17 Chapter 16

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Section 1 Eligibility and residency requirements for county, district, precinct, or prosecution district office.
Section 2.5 Creation of Office of District Attorney.
Section 3 Consolidation of offices.
Section 4 Election of officer to consolidated office.
Section 5.5 Reassignment of certain assessor duties to treasurer.
Section 6 County officers -- Time of holding elections -- County commissioners -- Terms of office.
Section 6.5 Campaign financial disclosure in county elections.
Section 7 Deputies and employees -- Appointments -- County legislative body consent power -- Liability of principal -- Deputy may serve despite vacancy in office of appointing officer.
Section 8 Powers, duties and liabilities of deputies.
Section 9 Officers at county seats -- Office hours.
Section 10.5 Failure to perform duties constitutes malfeasance in office -- Felony charges arising from official duties -- Paid administrative leave -- Reassignment of duties.
Section 11 Fidelity bonds and theft or crime insurance.
Section 12 Business to be finished before expiration of term.
Section 14 Salaries of county officers.
Section 16 Commissioners' traveling expenses.
Section 17 Change of class -- Effect on salaries -- Salaries for new counties.
Section 18 Salaries paid out of general fund.
Section 19 Salaries to be full compensation -- Compensation for deputies.
Section 20 Salaries in case of combined offices.
Section 21 Fees of county officers.
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