Title 17 Chapter 33

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Chapter 33County Personnel Management Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 1 Title -- Establishment of merit system -- Separate systems for peace officers and firemen recognized -- Options of small counties.
Section 2 Definitions.
Section 3 Merit principles.
Section 4 Career service council -- Members and alternate members -- Powers and duties -- Appeals -- Time limit -- Qualifications, appointment, terms, and compensation of council members.
Section 4.5 Council may refer an appeal to an administrative law judge for a recommendation -- Council action on recommendation.
Section 5 Office of personnel management -- Director -- Appointment and responsibilities -- Personnel rules.
Section 6 Certification of eligibility by director -- Power of director to examine payrolls.
Section 7 Functions of county office of personnel management -- Personnel functions of county agencies, departments, or offices.
Section 8 Career service -- Exempt positions.
Section 9 Acceptance of exempt position by career service employee -- Reappointment register.
Section 10 Grievance and appeals procedure -- Employees' complaints of discriminatory employment practice.
Section 11 Political activities of employees.
Section 11.5 Compliance with Labor Code requirements.
Section 12 Reciprocal agreements for benefit of system -- Cooperation by director with other governmental agencies.
Section 13 Prohibited actions.
Section 14 Violations -- Misdemeanor -- Ineligibility for employment and forfeiture of position.
Section 15 Duty of county legislative body to provide rules or regulations -- Conflicts with state or federal law.
Section 16 Appointment of more than one chief deputy or undersheriff.
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