Title 17 Chapter 50

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Chapter 50General Provisions for Counties (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions.
Section 102 Unlawful liabilities void.
Section 103 Use of "county" prohibited -- Legal action to compel compliance.
Section 104 Counties of the state -- County boundaries maintained by lieutenant governor.
Section 105 Disputed boundaries.
Section 106 Exemption from state licensure by Division of Real Estate.
Section 107 Inventory of competitive activities.
Section 301 Exercise of county powers.
Section 302 General county powers.
Section 303 County may not give or lend credit -- County may borrow in anticipation of revenues -- Assistance to nonprofit and private entities.
Section 304 Police, building, and sanitary regulations.
Section 305 County powers to acquire, construct, and control roads and other facilities -- Retainage.
Section 306 Granting franchises over public roads -- Limitation.
Section 307 Franchises for toll roads.
Section 308 Franchises for ferries and bridges.
Section 309 Regulation of use of roads.
Section 310 County powers regarding property, water rights, and water facilities -- Retainage.
Section 311 Courthouse, jail, hospital, and other public buildings -- Retainage.
Section 312 Acquisition, management, and disposal of property.
Section 313 Provisions for general health -- Creation of health department.
Section 314 Powers of cities and towns not affected.
Section 315 Study and improvement of county government -- Charges and expenses.
Section 316 Development of county resources.
Section 317 Expenditure of county funds authorized to develop county resources.
Section 318 Mental health and substance abuse services.
Section 319 County charges enumerated.
Section 320 Support of the arts by counties -- Guidelines.
Section 321 Implements of husbandry tracking debris onto county roads.
Section 322 County funding for a fixed guideway.
Section 323 Indemnification of farmers markets.
Section 325 Authority to make benefits generally available to employees, their dependents, and an adult designee -- Registry authorized -- Limitations.
Section 326 Preservation of historical areas and sites.
Section 327 Regulation of carbon monoxide detectors -- Enforcement against occupant only.
Section 328 Use of incremental tax revenue for relocation expenses of displaced mobile home park residents.
Section 329 Prohibition against regulation of nutritional information dissemination.
Section 330 Prohibition against spending certain transportation funds.
Section 331 Regulation of sexually oriented business.
Section 332 Knives regulated by state.
Section 333 Regulation of retail tobacco specialty business.
Section 334 Limitations on employee benefits imposed by a county.
Section 335 Energy efficiency upgrade or renewable energy system.
Section 336 Service animals permitted.
Section 337 Reassignment of lien prohibited.
Section 401 Review of claims by county executive -- Auditor review -- Attorney review -- Claim requirements -- Approval or disapproval of claim -- Written explanation of claim process.
Section 401.1 Review of claims by county executive -- Auditor review -- Attorney review -- Claim requirements -- Approval or disapproval of claim -- Written explanation of claim process.
Section 402 Payment or rejection of claims.
Section 403 Action on rejected claim -- Limitation.
Section 404 Judgments against county -- Payment.
Section 405 County legislative body claim for expenses -- County attorney's opinion of legality.
Section 406 Officers not to advocate claims -- Right to oppose claims.
Section 501 Classification of counties.
Section 502 Change of class of county.
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