Title 17 Chapter 53

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Chapter 53County Executive, Legislative Body, and Other Officers (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 County officers enumerated.
Section 103 Unauthorized payment or warrant -- Investigation by another county attorney -- Action to enjoin or recover payment.
Section 104 Vacancy in a county office -- Vacancies in the office of county attorney or district attorney.
Section 105 Deposit of money in treasury.
Section 106 Supervision of county elected officers -- Legislative body and executive may examine and audit accounts and conduct investigation.
Section 201 General powers, duties, and functions of county legislative body.
Section 202 Eligibility -- Election.
Section 203 Chair -- Oaths -- Quorum.
Section 204 Meetings -- At county seat -- Exception.
Section 205 Special meetings -- How called -- Business limited.
Section 206 Meetings to comply with open meetings law -- Records and minutes -- Compelling attendance at meetings of legislative body.
Section 207 Rules and regulations governing legislative body and transaction of business.
Section 208 Ordinances -- Effective dates -- Publication -- Adoption of ordinances printed in book form.
Section 209 Records to be kept.
Section 210 Dividing county into precincts and districts.
Section 211 Fees for services -- Exceptions.
Section 212 Examination and audit of accounts.
Section 213 Special funds.
Section 214 Seal for county.
Section 215 Seal for clerk of district court.
Section 216 Business license fees and taxes -- Application information to be transmitted to the county assessor.
Section 217 Commanding services of sheriff.
Section 218 Duties as board of equalization.
Section 219 Auditor statement of county debt.
Section 220 Taxation for county purposes.
Section 221 Tax for care, relief, and burial of indigents.
Section 222 Tax for exhibits encouraging trade.
Section 223 Ordinances -- Power to enact -- Penalty for violation.
Section 224 Rewards for information -- Law enforcement -- Protection of county property.
Section 225 County legislative body may adopt Utah Procurement Code -- Retention of records.
Section 226 Investigation by legislative body -- Witnesses -- Hearings.
Section 227 Breach of duty by county legislative body member -- Penalty.
Section 228 Administrative hearings and procedures.
Section 301 General powers, duties, and functions of county executive.
Section 302 County executive duties.
Section 303 Examination and audit of accounts.
Section 304 Commanding services of sheriff.
Section 305 Warrants -- Authority to draw on treasurer.
Section 306 Warrants -- Required information -- Payment -- Registration.
Section 307 County purchasing agent -- Appointment -- Compensation -- Oath -- Supervision -- Duties.
Section 309 Approval of cost-increase changes in plans and specifications -- Delegation.
Section 310 Changes or alterations in contract -- Liability of county.
Section 311 Contracting for management, maintenance, operation, or construction of jails.
Section 312 County resource development committee -- Membership -- Term -- Compensation and expenses -- Duties.
Section 313 Hiring of professional architect, engineer, or surveyor.
Section 314 Restrictions on county procurement of architect-engineer services.
Section 315 Actions -- Control and direction.
Section 316 Executive orders.
Section 317 Executive appointment with advice and consent of county legislative body.
Section 318 Governing body as cooperating agency in federal land planning and regulation.
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