Title 19 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6Hazardous Substances (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Sections: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Short title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 102.1 Treatment and disposal -- Exclusions.
Section 102.6 Legislative participation in landfill siting disputes.
Section 103 Solid and Hazardous Waste Control Board -- Members -- Terms -- Organization -- Meetings -- Per diem and expenses.
Section 104 Powers of board -- Creation of statewide solid waste management plan.
Section 105 Rules of board.
Section 106 Rulemaking authority and procedure.
Section 107 Director -- Appointment -- Powers.
Section 108 New nonhazardous solid or hazardous waste operation plans for facility or site -- Administrative and legislative approval required -- Exemptions from legislative and gubernatorial approval -- Time periods for review -- Information required -- Other conditions -- Revocation of approval -- Periodic review.
Section 108.3 Director to issue written assurances, make determinations, and partition operation plans -- Board to make rules.
Section 108.5 Management of hazardous waste generated outside Utah.
Section 109 Inspections authorized.
Section 111 Variances -- Requirements for application -- Procedure.
Section 112 Notice of violations -- Order for correction -- Civil action to enforce.
Section 113 Violations -- Penalties -- Reimbursement for expenses.
Section 114 Proof of service of notice, order, or other document.
Section 115 Imminent danger to health or environment -- Authority of executive director to initiate action to restrain.
Section 116 Application of part subject to state assumption of primary responsibility from federal government -- Authority of political subdivisions.
Section 117 Action against insurer or guarantor.
Section 117.5 Applicability of fees for treatment or disposal of waste.
Section 118 Hazardous waste and treated hazardous waste disposal fees.
Section 118.5 PCB disposal fee.
Section 119 Nonhazardous solid waste disposal fees.
Section 120 New hazardous waste operation plans -- Designation of hazardous waste facilities -- Fees for filing and plan review.
Section 121 Local zoning authority powers.
Section 122 Facilities to meet local zoning requirements.
Section 123 Kilns -- Siting.
Section 124 Burial of nonhazardous solid waste by an individual.
Section 125 Incineration of medical waste.
Section 201 Short title.
Section 202 Definitions.
Section 203 Other provisions relating to hazardous waste.
Section 204 Guidelines for facility siting -- Considerations in adopting.
Section 205 Siting plan -- Procedure for adoption -- Review -- Effect.
Section 206 Exclusive remedy for devaluation of property caused by approved facility.
Section 207 Facility at site approved in siting plan -- Exemption from zoning and local approval requirements -- Transportation restrictions limited.
Section 208 Facilities subject to Industrial Facilities and Development Act.
Section 301 Short title.
Section 302 Definitions.
Section 302.5 Retroactive effect.
Section 303 Rulemaking provisions.
Section 304 Inspections.
Section 306 Penalties -- Lawsuits.
Section 307 Hazardous Substances Mitigation Fund -- Uses.
Section 308 Hazardous Substances Mitigation Fund -- Prohibited uses.
Section 309 Emergency provisions.
Section 310 Apportionment of liability -- Liability agreements -- Legal remedies.
Section 311 Hazardous substances priority list.
Section 312 Preinvestigation requirements.
Section 313 Priority of other statutes.
Section 314 Remedial investigations of priority list sites -- Parties involved -- Powers of the executive director.
Section 315 Remedial investigations of scored sites -- Parties involved -- Powers of the executive director.
Section 316 Liability for costs of remedial investigations -- Liability agreements.
Section 317 Remedial investigation report -- Remedial action plan implementation -- Legal remedies.
Section 318 Remedial action liability -- Liability agreements.
Section 319 Remedial action investigation report -- Remedial action plan implementation -- Enforcement provisions.
Section 320 Remedial action completion procedures -- Legal remedies.
Section 321 Construction with other state and federal laws -- Governmental immunity.
Section 322 Cooperative agreements with federal government -- Legislative findings.
Section 323 Department authority to enter cooperative agreements.
Section 325 Voluntary agreements -- Parties -- Funds -- Enforcement.
Section 326 Written assurances.
Section 401 Short title.
Section 402 Definitions.
Section 402.5 Retroactive effect.
Section 403 Powers and duties of board.
Section 404 Powers and duties of director.
Section 405.5 Creation of restricted account.
Section 405.7 Petroleum Storage Tank Cleanup Fund -- Revenue and purposes.
Section 407 Underground storage tank registration -- Change of ownership or operation -- Civil penalty.
Section 408 Underground storage tank registration fee -- Processing fee for tanks not in the program.
Section 409 Petroleum Storage Tank Trust Fund created -- Source of revenues.
Section 410.5 (Superseded 01/01/15) Environmental Assurance Program -- Participant fee -- State Tax Commission administration, collection, and enforcement of tax.
Section 410.5 (Effective 01/01/15) Environmental Assurance Program -- Participant fee -- State Tax Commission administration, collection, and enforcement of tax.
Section 411 Petroleum storage tank fee for program participants.
Section 412 Petroleum storage tank -- Certificate of compliance.
Section 413 Tank tightness test -- Actions required after testing.
Section 414 Grounds for revocation of certificate of compliance and ineligibility for payment of costs from fund.
Section 415 Participation of exempt and above ground tanks.
Section 415.5 State-owned underground tanks to participate in program.
Section 416 Restrictions on delivery of petroleum -- Civil penalty.
Section 416.5 Restrictions on underground storage tank installation companies -- Civil penalty.
Section 417 Use of fund revenues to investigate certain releases from petroleum storage tank.
Section 418 Recovery of costs by director.
Section 419 Costs covered by the fund -- Costs paid by owner or operator -- Payments to third parties -- Apportionment of costs.
Section 420 (Superseded 07/01/15) Releases -- Abatement actions -- Corrective actions.
Section 420 (Effective 07/01/15) Releases -- Abatement actions -- Corrective actions.
Section 421 Third party payment restrictions and requirements.
Section 422 Participation by state risk manager in suit, claim, or settlement.
Section 423 Claim or suit against responsible parties -- Prerequisites for payment from fund to responsible parties or third parties -- Limitations of liability for third party claims.
Section 424 Claims not covered by fund.
Section 424.5 Apportionment of liability -- Liability agreements -- Legal remedies -- Amounts recovered.
Section 425 Violation of part -- Civil penalty -- Suit in district court.
Section 426 Limitation of liability of state -- Liability of responsible parties -- Indemnification agreement involving responsible parties.
Section 427 Liability of any person under other laws -- Additional state and governmental immunity -- Exceptions.
Section 428 Eligibility for participation in the fund.
Section 429 False information and claims.
Section 501 Short title.
Section 502 Definitions.
Section 502.5 Solid waste management facility not a public utility.
Section 503 Powers and duties of public entities.
Section 505 Long-term agreements for joint action -- Construction, acquisition, or sale of interest in management facilities -- Issuance of bonds.
Section 506 Schedule of fees -- Classification of property -- Collection of delinquent fees.
Section 507 Flow control for solid waste prohibited -- Exceptions.
Section 601 Definitions.
Section 602 Lead acid batteries -- Disposal limitations.
Section 603 Collection for recycling.
Section 604 Disposal by battery retailer.
Section 605 Disposal by battery wholesaler.
Section 606 Enforcement.
Section 607 Penalty.
Section 701 Short title.
Section 702 Legislative findings.
Section 703 Definitions.
Section 704 Powers and duties of the board.
Section 705 Powers and duties of the director
Section 706 Disposal of used oil -- Prohibitions.
Section 707 Rebuttable presumption regarding used oil mixtures.
Section 708 Registration and permit exemptions.
Section 709 Reclamation of site or facility.
Section 710 Registration and permitting of used oil handlers.
Section 711 Application of used oil to the land -- Limitations.
Section 712 Issuance of permits -- Public comments and hearing.
Section 714 Recycling fee on sale of oil.
Section 715 Recycling fee collection procedures.
Section 716 Fee collection by commission -- Administrative charge.
Section 717 Used oil collection incentive payment.
Section 718 Limitations on liability of operator of collection center.
Section 719 Used oil collection account.
Section 720 Grants and donations -- Support for programs -- Priorities.
Section 721 Violations -- Proceedings -- Orders.
Section 722 Criminal penalties.
Section 723 Local ordinances regarding used oil.
Section 801 Title.
Section 802 Legislative findings.
Section 803 Definitions.
Section 804 Restrictions on disposal and transfer of tires -- Penalties.
Section 805 Recycling fee.
Section 806 Registration of waste tire transporters and recyclers.
Section 807 Special revenue fund -- Creation -- Deposits.
Section 808 Payment of recycling fee -- Administrative charge.
Section 809 Partial reimbursement.
Section 810 Recycling waste tires from abandoned waste tire piles and other waste tire piles.
Section 811 Funding for management of certain landfill or abandoned waste tire piles -- Limitations.
Section 812 Landfilling shredded tires -- Reimbursement.
Section 813 Application for partial reimbursement -- Penalty.
Section 814 Local health department responsibility.
Section 815 Payment by Division of Finance.
Section 816 Limitations on reimbursement.
Section 817 Administrative fees to local health departments -- Reporting by local health departments.
Section 818 Local health department rules.
Section 819 Powers and duties of the board.
Section 820 Powers and duties of the director.
Section 821 Violations -- Civil proceedings and penalties -- Orders.
Section 822 Criminal penalties.
Section 823 Exception.
Section 901 Title.
Section 902 Definitions.
Section 903 Law enforcement reporting and records -- Removal from list.
Section 904 Decontamination specialist reporting to local health departments.
Section 905 Notification of property owner -- Notification of municipality or county.
Section 906 Decontamination standards -- Specialist certification standards -- Rulemaking.
Section 1001 Title.
Section 1002 Definitions.
Section 1003 Board and director powers.
Section 1004 Mercury switch collection plan -- Reimbursement for mercury switch removal.
Section 1005 Reporting requirements.
Section 1006 Penalties.
Section 1101 Title.
Section 1102 Definitions.
Section 1103 Rulemaking.
Section 1104 Applications for industrial byproduct reuse -- Approval by the director.
Section 1201 Title.
Section 1202 Definitions.
Section 1203 Reporting requirements.
Section 1204 Public education program.
Section 1205 Local government arrangement.
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