Title 20A Chapter 1

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Chapter 1General Provisions (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Sections: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 (Superseded 01/01/15) Definitions.
Section 102 (Effective 01/01/15) Definitions.
Section 103 (Effective 01/01/15) Severability clause.
Section 201 Date and purpose of regular general elections.
Section 201.5 Primary election dates.
Section 202 Date and purpose of municipal general election.
Section 203 Calling and purpose of special elections -- Two-thirds vote limitations.
Section 204 Date of special election -- Legal effect.
Section 206 Cancellation of local election -- Municipalities -- Local districts -- Notice.
Section 302 Opening and closing of polls on election day.
Section 303 Determining results.
Section 304 Tie votes.
Section 305 Publication and distribution of election laws.
Section 306 Electronic signatures prohibited.
Section 307 Residency requirements for person who verifies a signature on a petition.
Section 308 Elections during declared emergencies.
Section 401 Interpretation of election laws -- Computation of time.
Section 402 Election officer to render interpretations and make decisions.
Section 403 Errors or omissions in ballots.
Section 404 Election controversies.
Section 501 (Superseded 01/01/15) Candidate vacancies -- Procedure for filling.
Section 501 (Effective 01/01/15) Candidate vacancies -- Procedure for filling.
Section 502 Midterm vacancies in office of United States representative or senator.
Section 503 Midterm vacancies in the Legislature.
Section 504 Midterm vacancies in the offices of attorney general, state treasurer, state auditor, and lieutenant governor.
Section 506 Vacancy in the office of justice court judge.
Section 507 Midterm vacancies in the State Board of Education.
Section 508 Midterm vacancies in county elected offices.
Section 509 Definitions applicable to Sections 20A-1-509.1, 20A-1-509.2, and 20A-1-509.3.
Section 509.1 Procedure for filling midterm vacancy in county or district with 15 or more attorneys.
Section 509.2 Procedure for filling vacancy in county or district with fewer than 15 attorneys.
Section 509.3 Procedure for making interim replacement.
Section 510 Midterm vacancies in municipal offices.
Section 511 Midterm vacancies on local school boards.
Section 512 Midterm vacancies on local district boards.
Section 513 Temporary absence in elected office of a political subdivision for military service.
Section 601 Bribery in elections -- Paying for votes -- Penalties.
Section 602 Receiving bribe -- Receiving payments for votes -- Penalties.
Section 603 Fraud, interference, disturbance -- Tampering with ballots or records -- Penalties.
Section 604 Destroying instruction cards, sample ballots, or election paraphernalia -- Penalties.
Section 605 Mutilating certificate of nomination -- Forging declination or resignation -- Tampering with ballots.
Section 606 Wagering on elections forbidden.
Section 607 Inducing attendance at polls -- Payment of workers.
Section 608 Promises of appointment to office forbidden.
Section 609 Omnibus penalties.
Section 610 Abetting violation of chapter -- Penalty.
Section 611 Cost of defense of action.
Section 701 Prosecutions -- Venue.
Section 705 Supplemental judgment after criminal conviction.
Section 801 Title.
Section 802 Definitions.
Section 803 Verified petition by registered voter -- Receiving and reviewing official -- Special investigation -- Special counsel -- Civil action.
Section 804 Judgment and findings -- Appeal -- Criminal prosecution not affected by judgment.
Section 805 Costs and attorney fees -- Other actions or remedies not foreclosed -- Grant of immunity.
Section 806 Special counsel on appeal.
Section 807 Compensation of special counsel.
Section 808 Transition clause.
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