Title 20A Chapter 3

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Chapter 3Voting (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Residency and age requirements of voters.
Section 102 Voting by secret ballot.
Section 103 Employee's right to time off for election.
Section 104 Manner of voting.
Section 104.5 Voting -- Regular primary election and Western States Presidential Primary.
Section 105 Marking and depositing ballots.
Section 105.5 Manner of voting -- Provisional ballot.
Section 106 Voting straight ticket -- Splitting ballot -- Writing in names -- Effect of unnecessary marking of cross.
Section 107 No ballots may be taken away -- Spoiled ballots.
Section 108 Assisting disabled, illiterate, or blind voters.
Section 109 Instructions to voters.
Section 201 Watchers.
Section 201.5 Definitions.
Section 202 Challenges to a voter's eligibility -- Basis for challenge -- Procedures.
Section 202.3 Pre-election challenges to a voter's eligibility in writing -- Procedure -- Form of challenge.
Section 202.5 Challenges to a voter's eligibility at time of voting -- Procedure.
Section 203 Officer or watcher revealing vote.
Section 301 Voting by absentee ballot.
Section 302 Conducting entire election by absentee ballot.
Section 303 Form of absentee ballot.
Section 304 Application for absentee ballot -- Time for filing and voting.
Section 304.1 Election officer to provide voting history information and status.
Section 305 Mailing of ballot to voter -- Enclose self-addressed envelope -- Affidavit.
Section 306 Voting ballot -- Returning ballot.
Section 306.5 Emergency absentee ballots.
Section 307 Receipt and processing of absentee ballot.
Section 308 Absentee ballots in the custody of poll workers -- Disposition -- Notice.
Section 309 Absentee ballots in the custody of the election officer -- Disposition -- Counting -- Release of number of absentee ballots cast.
Section 310 Frauds and malfeasance in absent voting -- Penalty.
Section 501 Polling place -- Prohibited activities.
Section 502 Intimidation -- Undue influence.
Section 503 Influencing employee's vote.
Section 504 Violations -- Penalties.
Section 505 False impersonation -- Double voting.
Section 506 False information on provisional ballot envelope.
Section 601 Early voting.
Section 602 Hours for early voting.
Section 603 Early voting polling places.
Section 604 Notice of time and place of early voting.
Section 605 Exemptions from early voting.
Section 701 Definitions.
Section 702 Election day voting center -- Hours of operation -- Compliance with Election Code.
Section 703 Election day voting centers as polling places -- Location -- Notification.
Section 704 Report by election officer.
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