Title 34A Chapter 2

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Chapter 2Workers' Compensation Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Sections: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Definition of terms.
Section 103 (Superseded 07/01/15) Employers enumerated and defined -- Regularly employed -- Statutory employers.
Section 103 (Effective 07/01/15) Employers enumerated and defined -- Regularly employed -- Statutory employers.
Section 104 (Superseded 07/01/15) "Employee," "worker," and "operative" defined -- Specific circumstances -- Exemptions.
Section 104 (Effective 07/01/15) "Employee," "worker," and "operative" defined -- Specific circumstances -- Exemptions.
Section 105 Exclusive remedy against employer, and officer, agent, or employee of employer.
Section 106 Injuries or death caused by wrongful acts of persons other than employer, officer, agent, or employee of employer -- Rights of employer or insurance carrier in cause of action -- Maintenance of action -- Notice of intention to proceed against third party -- Right to maintain action not involving employee-employer relationship -- Disbursement of proceeds of recovery -- Exclusive remedy.
Section 107 Appointment of workers' compensation advisory council -- Composition -- Terms of members -- Duties -- Compensation.
Section 108 Void agreements between employers and employees.
Section 109 Interstate and intrastate commerce.
Section 110 Workers' compensation insurance fraud -- Elements -- Penalties -- Notice.
Section 111 Managed health care programs -- Other safety programs.
Section 112 Administration of this chapter and Chapter 3.
Section 113 Designated agent required.
Section 201 Employers to secure workers' compensation benefits for employees -- Methods.
Section 201.3 Direct payments prohibited except by self-insured employer.
Section 201.5 Self-insured employer -- Acceptable security -- Procedures.
Section 202 Assessment on self-insured employers including the state, counties, cities, towns, or school districts paying compensation direct.
Section 202.5 Offset for occupational health and safety related donations.
Section 203 Payment of premiums for workers' compensation.
Section 204 Compliance with chapter -- Notice to employees.
Section 205 Notification of workers' compensation insurance coverage to division -- Cancellation requirements -- Penalty for violation.
Section 206 Furnishing information to division -- Employers' annual report -- Rights of division -- Examination of employers under oath -- Penalties.
Section 207 Noncompliance -- Civil action by employees.
Section 208 Right to compensation when employer fails to comply.
Section 209 Employer's penalty for violation -- Notice of noncompliance -- Proof required -- Admissible evidence -- Criminal prosecution.
Section 210 Power to bring suit for noncompliance.
Section 211 Notice of noncompliance to employer -- Enforcement power of division -- Penalty.
Section 212 Docketing awards in district court -- Enforcing judgment.
Section 213 Coordination of benefits with health benefit plan -- Timely payment of claims.
Section 301 Places of employment to be safe -- Willful neglect -- Penalty.
Section 302 Employee's willful misconduct -- Penalty.
Section 401 Compensation for industrial accidents to be paid.
Section 402 Mental stress claims.
Section 403 Dependents -- Presumption.
Section 404 Injuries to minors.
Section 405 Employee injured outside state -- Entitled to compensation -- Limitation of time.
Section 406 Exemptions from chapter for employees temporarily in state -- Conditions -- Evidence of insurance.
Section 407 Reporting of industrial injuries -- Regulation of health care providers.
Section 407.5 Rules regarding treatment protocols and determinations of medical necessity -- Contracts.
Section 408 Compensation -- None for first three days after injury unless disability extended.
Section 409 Average weekly wage -- Basis of computation.
Section 410 Temporary disability -- Amount of payments -- State average weekly wage defined.
Section 410.5 Employee cooperation with reemployment.
Section 411 Temporary partial disability -- Amount of payments.
Section 412 Permanent partial disability -- Scale of payments.
Section 413 Permanent total disability -- Amount of payments -- Rehabilitation.
Section 413.5 Injured worker reemployment.
Section 414 Benefits in case of death -- Distribution of award to dependents -- Death of dependents -- Remarriage of surviving spouse.
Section 415 Increase of benefits to a dependent -- Effect of death, marriage, majority, or termination of dependency of children -- Death, divorce, or remarriage of spouse.
Section 416 Additional benefits in special cases.
Section 417 Claims and benefits -- Time limits for filing -- Burden of proof.
Section 418 Awards -- Medical, nursing, hospital, and burial expenses -- Artificial means and appliances.
Section 419 Agreements in addition to compensation and benefits.
Section 420 Continuing jurisdiction of commission -- No authority to change statutes of limitation -- Authority to destroy records -- Interest on award -- Authority to approve final settlement claims.
Section 421 Lump-sum payments.
Section 422 Compensation exempt from execution -- Transfer of payment rights.
Section 423 Survival of claim in case of death.
Section 501 Definitions.
Section 502 Intensity tests.
Section 503 Loss of hearing -- Occupational hearing loss due to noise to be compensated.
Section 504 Loss of hearing -- Extent of employer's liability.
Section 505 Loss of hearing -- Compensation for permanent partial disability.
Section 506 Loss of hearing -- Time for filing claim.
Section 507 Measuring hearing loss.
Section 601 Medical panel, director, or consultant -- Findings and reports -- Objections to report -- Hearing -- Expenses.
Section 602 Physical examinations.
Section 603 Autopsy in death cases -- Certified pathologist -- Attending physicians -- Penalty for refusal to permit -- Liability.
Section 604 Employee leaving place of treatment.
Section 701 Premium assessment restricted account for safety.
Section 702 Employers' Reinsurance Fund -- Injury causing death -- Burial expenses -- Payments to dependents.
Section 703 Payments from Employers' Reinsurance Fund.
Section 704 Uninsured Employers' Fund.
Section 705 Industrial Accident Restricted Account.
Section 801 Initiating adjudicative proceedings -- Procedure for review of administrative action.
Section 802 Rules of evidence and procedure before commission -- Admissible evidence.
Section 803 Violation of judgments, orders, decrees, or provisions of chapter -- Grade of offense.
Section 901 Workers' compensation presumption for emergency medical services providers.
Section 902 Workers' compensation claims by emergency medical services providers -- Time limits.
Section 903 Failure to be tested -- Time limit for death benefits.
Section 904 Volunteer emergency medical services providers -- Workers' compensation premiums.
Section 905 Rulemaking authority -- Rebuttable presumption.
Section 1001 Title.
Section 1002 Definitions.
Section 1003 Issuance of a waiver.
Section 1004 Information required to obtain a waiver.
Section 1005 Enforcement.
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