Title 35A Chapter 3

Title 35AUtah Workforce Services Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 3Employment Support Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title -- Employment assistance.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 103 Division responsibilities.
Section 103.5 Employment first emphasis on the provision of services.
Section 104 Contracts for administration and provision of public assistance.
Section 105 Determination of eligibility and responsibility -- Information from State Tax Commission.
Section 106 Residency requirements.
Section 108 Assignment of support.
Section 109 Assistance provided to guardian or other caretaker -- Periodic review.
Section 110 Third party obligation -- Interest.
Section 111 Collection of overpayments.
Section 112 Assistance not assignable -- Exemption from execution, garnishment, bankruptcy, or insolvency proceedings.
Section 113 Prohibition of charges or fees for representing applicants.
Section 115 Public Employment Offices -- Agreements with other authorities -- Federal system accepted -- Appropriation.
Section 116 Refugee services fund -- Use of money -- Committee and director duties -- Restrictions.
Section 117 Continuation of refugee services.
Section 201 Definitions.
Section 202 Creation.
Section 203 Functions and duties of office -- Annual report.
Section 204 Duties of director.
Section 205 Creation of committee.
Section 206 Child Care Fund -- Use of money -- Committee and director duties -- Restrictions.
Section 207 Community-based prevention programs.
Section 301 Purpose -- Legislative intent.
Section 302 Eligibility requirements.
Section 303 Diversion.
Section 304 Assessment -- Participation requirements and limitations -- Mentors.
Section 304.5 Drug testing requirements.
Section 306 Limits on eligibility.
Section 307 Cash assistance to a single minor parent.
Section 308 Adoption services -- Printed information -- Supports provided.
Section 309 Information regarding home ownership.
Section 310 Child care services.
Section 310.5 Child care providers -- Criminal background checks -- Payment of costs -- Prohibitions -- Department rules.
Section 311 Cash assistance to noncitizen legal residents and drug dependent persons.
Section 312 Individual development accounts.
Section 313 Performance goals.
Section 401 General Assistance.
Section 402 Calculation of General Assistance Grants.
Section 501 Title.
Section 502 Definitions.
Section 503 Legislative intent.
Section 504 Relationship of civic and state services.
Section 505 Application -- Referral to civic organizations.
Section 506 Diversion payment -- Referral to civic organizations.
Section 507 Request for proposals from civic organizations -- Contract requirements.
Section 508 Inventory of civic organizations.
Section 510 Coalition of civic and other organizations.
Section 601 Title.
Section 602 Definitions.
Section 603 Civil liability for overpayment.
Section 604 Obligor presumed to have notice of department's rights -- Authority to administer oaths, issue subpoenas, and compel witnesses and production of documents -- Recovery of attorney fees, costs, and interest -- Rulemaking authority -- Administrative procedures.
Section 605 Issuance or modification of administrative order -- Voluntary acknowledgment of overpayment -- Court orders supersede administrative orders -- Notification requirement.
Section 606 Docketing abstract of final administrative order -- Real property and personal property liens -- Effect of order -- Execution.
Section 607 Property subject to execution or lien -- Restriction on transfer or conveyance -- Release of excess amount above liability to obligor.
Section 608 Schedule of payments to be paid upon liability -- Establishment -- Cancellation.
Section 609 Statute of limitations -- Enforcement of lien or order.
Section 610 Legal representation at hearings.
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