Title 38 Chapter 1a

Title 38Liens (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 1aPreconstruction and Construction Liens (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 103 Government projects not subject to chapter -- Exception.
Section 104 Owner-builder original contract -- Owner-builder as original contractor.
Section 105 No waiver of rights -- Exception.
Section 201 Establishment of State Construction Registry -- Filing index.
Section 202 Contract to establish and maintain registry -- Designated agent -- Rules -- Duties of designated agent -- Limit of liability.
Section 203 Filings with the registry.
Section 204 Notification of filings with the registry.
Section 205 Building permit -- Transmission to registry -- Posting at project site.
Section 206 Registry fees.
Section 207 Registry classification.
Section 208 Actions that are not adjudicative proceedings.
Section 209 Abuse of registry -- Penalty.
Section 210 Limitation of liability.
Section 211 Limit on notice effect of document filing in the registry.
Section 301 Those entitled to lien -- What may be attached.
Section 302 Land covered by lien -- Multiple lots occupied by improvement -- What a lien attaches to.
Section 303 Limits on attachment, garnishment, and execution levy -- Subcontractor lien not affected by payments, debts, offsets, and counterclaims involving other parties.
Section 304 Liens on multiple properties in one claim.
Section 305 Payments applied first to preconstruction lien.
Section 306 Substantial compliance.
Section 307 Contesting certain notices.
Section 308 Intentional submission of excessive lien notice -- Criminal and civil liability.
Section 309 Interest rate on lien.
Section 401 Notice of preconstruction service.
Section 402 Notice of preconstruction lien -- Requirements.
Section 403 Effective time and priority of preconstruction lien -- Subordination to bona fide loan.
Section 404 When preconstruction service considered complete.
Section 405 Preconstruction liens on equal footing.
Section 501 Preliminary notice.
Section 502 Notice of construction lien -- Contents -- Recording -- Service on owner.
Section 503 Relation back and priority of liens.
Section 504 Construction liens on equal footing.
Section 505 Materials for a construction project not subject to process -- Exception.
Section 506 Notice of intent to obtain final completion.
Section 507 Notice of completion.
Section 601 Notice of construction loan.
Section 602 Notice concerning construction loan default.
Section 701 Action to enforce lien -- Time for filing action -- Notice of pendency of action -- Action involving a residence.
Section 702 Parties -- Consolidation of separate actions.
Section 703 Order of satisfaction if multiple liens on same property.
Section 704 Sale of property -- Redemption -- Disposition of proceeds.
Section 705 Deficiency judgment.
Section 706 Apportionment of costs -- Costs and attorney fees to subcontractor.
Section 707 Attorney fees -- Offer of judgment.
Section 801 Preconstruction and construction liens assignable -- Action by assignee to enforce lien.
Section 802 Waiver or limitation of a lien right -- Forms -- Scope.
Section 803 Cancellation of preconstruction or construction lien -- Penalty for failure to cancel timely.
Section 804 Notice of release of lien and substitution of alternate security.
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