Title 39 Chapter 1

Title 39Militia and Armories (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 1State Militia (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 1 Militia -- How constituted -- Persons exempted.
Section 2 Militia divided into two parts.
Section 3 Governor commander in chief -- Powers and duties.
Section 4 Staff of commander in chief.
Section 5 Governor may call guard into active service -- Authority.
Section 7 Muster of unorganized militia.
Section 8 Governor may proclaim martial law.
Section 9 National Guard subject to call by United States.
Section 10 Unorganized militia in service, how governed.
Section 12 Adjutant general -- Appointment -- Term.
Section 12.5 Convening authority for military court.
Section 13 Adjutant general -- As disbursing and property officer.
Section 14 Adjutant general -- Drawing vouchers for property damage.
Section 15 Adjutant general -- Disposition of unserviceable property.
Section 16 Adjutant general -- Rendering accounts.
Section 17 Adjutant general -- Custodian of military trophies.
Section 18 Director of joint staff -- Assistant adjutant general for the army -- Assistant adjutant general for air -- Commander, land component command -- Chief of staff for air -- Officer for permanent duty as personnel officer.
Section 19 Clerical assistance.
Section 21 Adjutant general -- Salary.
Section 22 Caretakers.
Section 23 Seal of adjutant general.
Section 24 Duties of assistant adjutants general.
Section 25 Property and fiscal officer of the United States for Utah.
Section 26 Assistant quartermaster-general.
Section 28 Loss of property -- Liability.
Section 29 Organization of National Guard controlled by federal law.
Section 30 Officers of National Guard -- Commissions.
Section 31 Commissions to officers -- Relative rank.
Section 32 National Guard -- Enlistment -- Qualifications -- Discharge.
Section 33 Noncommissioned officers.
Section 34 Excuse from drill -- Furloughs and leaves of absence.
Section 35 State employees in National Guard -- Care of dependents when called into service.
Section 36 Reserve member of armed forces -- Leave of absence from employment -- Liability of employers.
Section 37 Military duties.
Section 38 Regulations and forms.
Section 38.5 Utah Manual for Military Courts to be issued -- Military court jurisdiction.
Section 39 Orders for duty -- How served.
Section 40.5 Utah Code of Military Justice -- Procedures -- Jurisdiction.
Section 41 Discharge or dismissal.
Section 41.5 Authority of military court judges -- Payment of witnesses.
Section 44 Members of military courts exempt from liability.
Section 45 Jurisdiction presumed.
Section 46 Arsenal -- Military supplies -- Loss.
Section 47 Military property exempt from civil process.
Section 50 Military court -- Concurrent prosecutorial jurisdiction with county or district attorney.
Section 51 Pay and benefits of National Guard members.
Section 52 Encampments.
Section 53 Military units not to leave state.
Section 54 Privilege from arrest or citation -- Exceptions.
Section 56 Execution of a judgment imposing a fine -- Disposition of fines.
Section 58 Vacating officer commissions -- Placement of officers in reserves.
Section 59 Compensation for injury or death.
Section 60 Laws and regulations of United States control.
Section 62 Group life insurance for members of National Guard.
Section 63 Tuition assistance for National Guard members -- Use and allocation -- Appropriation.
Section 64 Extension of licenses for members of National Guard and reservists.
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