Title 41 Chapter 1a

Title 41Motor Vehicles (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 1aMotor Vehicle Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Short title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 103 Commission to administer chapter.
Section 104 Commission powers.
Section 105 Commission to create forms.
Section 106 Division created.
Section 107 Commission, division, and officers to enforce chapter -- Duties.
Section 108 Division inspection of applications for registration, certificate of title, or license plate.
Section 109 Grounds for division refusing registration or certificate of title.
Section 110 Authority of division to suspend or revoke registration, certificate of title, license plate, or permit.
Section 111 Cancellation, suspension, or revocation of registration -- Return of registration items.
Section 112 Authority to administer oaths.
Section 113 Power to summon witnesses and take testimony -- Service of summons -- Witness fees -- Failure to appear.
Section 114 Method of giving notice.
Section 115 Division records -- Copies.
Section 116 Records -- Access to records -- Fees.
Section 117 Adjudicative proceedings.
Section 118 Seizure of documents and plates -- Grounds -- Receipt.
Section 119 Emergency procedures for collection of fees.
Section 120 Participation in Uninsured Motorist Identification Database Program.
Section 121 Electronic Payment Fee Restricted Account.
Section 201 Function of registration -- Registration required.
Section 202 Definitions -- Vehicles exempt from registration -- Registration of vehicles after establishing residency.
Section 203 Prerequisites for registration, transfer of ownership, or registration renewal.
Section 204 Identification number inspection.
Section 205 Safety inspection certificate required for renewal or registration of motor vehicle -- Exemptions.
Section 206 Payment of property taxes or in lieu fees before registration.
Section 207 Vehicles assessed by commission.
Section 208 Payment of automobile driver education tax prerequisite to registration of motor vehicle.
Section 209 Application for registration -- Contents.
Section 210 Examination of registration records and indices of stolen and recovered vehicles.
Section 210.5 Driver license required on new registrations.
Section 211 Temporary permits -- Other laws applied.
Section 212 Division to issue registration card.
Section 213 Contents of registration cards.
Section 214 Registration card to be signed, carried, and exhibited.
Section 215 Staggered registration dates -- Exceptions.
Section 215.5 Six-month registration.
Section 216 Renewal of registration.
Section 217 Application for renewal of registration.
Section 218 Notice of change of address.
Section 219 Change of name -- New registration.
Section 220 Lost or damaged registration card.
Section 221 Registration of vehicles of political subdivisions or state -- Renewal of registration -- Expiration of registration -- Certification of information -- Failure to comply.
Section 222 Application for multiyear registration -- Payment of taxes -- Penalties.
Section 223 Registration without Utah title.
Section 224 Registration of specially constructed, reconstructed, or foreign vehicles -- Surrender of foreign registration.
Section 225 Foreign vehicle compliance with federal law -- English translation -- Temporary permit.
Section 226 Vintage vehicle -- Signed statement -- Registration certificate.
Section 227 Campers -- Registration and display of decal -- Nonresident exceptions.
Section 228 Special lifetime trailer registration -- Property tax or in lieu fees.
Section 229 Display of gross laden weight.
Section 230 Registration checkoff for vision screening.
Section 230.5 Registration checkoff for promoting and supporting organ donation.
Section 230.6 Registration checkoff for protecting access to public lands and promoting off-highway vehicle education.
Section 231 Special mobile equipment status.
Section 232 Special rental company vehicle registration decals and license plates.
Section 301 Apportioned registration and licensing of interstate vehicles.
Section 303 Cooperation for electronic credentialing.
Section 401 License plates -- Number of plates -- Reflectorization -- Indicia of registration in lieu of or used with plates.
Section 402 Required colors, numerals, and letters -- Expiration.
Section 403 Plates to be legible from 100 feet.
Section 404 Location and position of plates.
Section 407 Plates issued to political subdivisions or state -- Use of "EX" letters -- Confidential information.
Section 410 Eligibility for personalized plates.
Section 411 Application for personalized plates -- Refusal authorized.
Section 412 Design of personalized plates.
Section 413 Personalized plates -- Sale of vehicle -- Transfer of plates -- Release of priority.
Section 414 Parking privileges for persons with disabilities.
Section 415 Lost or damaged license plate.
Section 416 Original issue license plates -- Alternative stickers -- Rulemaking.
Section 418 Authorized special group license plates.
Section 419 Plate design -- Vintage vehicle certification and registration -- Personalized special group license plates -- Rulemaking.
Section 420 Disability special group license plates -- Application and qualifications -- Rulemaking.
Section 421 Honor special group license plates -- Personal identity requirements.
Section 422 Support special group license plates -- Contributor -- Voluntary contribution collection procedures.
Section 501 Certificate of title required.
Section 503 Certificate of title or receipt of surrender of ownership documents required -- Application by owner.
Section 504 Exceptions to title requirements for vehicles.
Section 505 Exceptions to title requirements for vessels and outboard motors.
Section 506 Exceptions to title requirements for manufactured homes or mobile homes.
Section 507 Exceptions to title requirements for off-highway vehicles.
Section 508 Prerequisites for titling.
Section 509 Manufacturer's certificate of origin or title.
Section 510 Sales tax payment required.
Section 511 Identification number inspection.
Section 512 Application for title.
Section 513 Examination of registration records and indices of stolen and recovered vehicles, vessels, and outboard motors.
Section 514 Certificate of title -- Contents.
Section 515 Delivery of certificate by division.
Section 516 Annual renewal of titles unnecessary -- Superseded certificates invalid.
Section 517 Change of name -- New title.
Section 518 Duplicate titles.
Section 519 Dealer requirements for certificate of title or receipt of surrender of title.
Section 520 Registration without issuing Utah title.
Section 521 Release of prior certificate of title.
Section 522 Record of nonconforming vehicle -- Access -- Brand -- Unbranding.
Section 601 Lien validity -- Security interest.
Section 602 Application for original registration.
Section 603 Issuance of new certificate of title -- Lienholder.
Section 604 Filing effective to give notice of liens.
Section 605 Constructive notice.
Section 606 Method of giving notice -- Exceptions.
Section 607 Assignment by lienholder.
Section 608 Release by lienholder to owner.
Section 609 Terminal rental adjustment clauses.
Section 701 Transfer by owner -- Removal of plates.
Section 702 Endorsement of assignment and warranty of title -- Co-owners.
Section 703 New owner to secure new registration and new certificate of title.
Section 704 Transfer by operation of law.
Section 705 Persons that may sell, offer for sale, or display for sale a vehicle, vessel, or outboard motor -- New owner shall title -- Penalties.
Section 706 When division to transfer and issue new certificate.
Section 708 Owner not liable for negligent operation after transfer.
Section 709 Dealer transfer of used off-highway vehicle, vessel, or outboard motor.
Section 710 Certificate of origin required for acquisition or resale of vehicle, vessel, or outboard motor.
Section 711 Compliance of foreign motor vehicle required prior to sale -- Penalty.
Section 712 Foreign vehicle disclosure requirements -- Penalties -- Civil damages.
Section 801 Altered or changed identification number -- State assigned identification number.
Section 802 Identification number inspectors -- Duties.
Section 803 Identification numbers -- Assigning numbers -- Requirement for sale.
Section 804 Garagemen, repair shops, and service stations -- Duty to report number violations.
Section 901 Odometer required.
Section 902 Odometer disclosure statement -- Contents -- Receipt -- Exceptions.
Section 903 Leased motor vehicles -- Disclosure of odometer information.
Section 904 Retention of statements by dealers -- Inspection.
Section 905 Division to print mileage on certificate of title -- Exceptions.
Section 906 Repair or replacement of odometer -- Notice affixed to motor vehicle.
Section 1001 Definitions.
Section 1002 Unbranded title -- Prerepair inspections -- Interim repair inspections -- Repair.
Section 1003 Unbranded certificate of title -- Application.
Section 1004 Certificate of title -- Salvage vehicles.
Section 1005 Salvage vehicle -- Declaration by insurance company -- Surrender of title -- Salvage certificate of title.
Section 1005.3 Resale of salvage vehicles.
Section 1005.5 Non-repairable vehicle -- Declaration by insurance company -- Surrender of title -- Nonrepairable certificate of title.
Section 1006 Vehicle damaged out-of-state -- Division to make a record.
Section 1007 Fees.
Section 1008 Criminal penalty for violation.
Section 1008.5 Private cause of action.
Section 1009 Abandoned and inoperable vehicles, vessels, and outboard motors -- Determination by commission -- Disposal of vehicles.
Section 1010 Permit required to dismantle vehicle -- Duties upon receiving the permit -- Exceptions.
Section 1011 Use of dismantling permit.
Section 1012 Destruction or change of vessel or outboard motor -- Cancellation of certificate of title.
Section 1101 Seizure -- Circumstances where permitted -- Impound lot standards.
Section 1102 Storage -- Establishing ownership.
Section 1103 Sale.
Section 1104 Disposition of proceeds from sale.
Section 1105 Records to be kept by public garage, impound lot, or impound yard.
Section 1106 Storage of vehicles, vessels, and outboard motors -- Reports required.
Section 1201 Disposition of fees.
Section 1202 Refused or rejected application -- Refunds.
Section 1203 Application for refund.
Section 1204 Automobile driver education fee -- Amount -- When paid -- Exception.
Section 1205 Disposition of driver education tax -- Expense appropriation.
Section 1206 Registration fees -- Fees by gross laden weight.
Section 1207 Reduced fees for portion of year.
Section 1208 Fees for duplicate certificates of registration.
Section 1209 Exemptions from registration fees.
Section 1210 Fees for original and duplicate certificates of title.
Section 1211 License plate fees -- Application fees for issuance and renewal of personalized and special group license plates -- Replacement fee for license plates -- Postage fees.
Section 1212 Fee for replacement of license plate decals.
Section 1213 No fee for identification number inspection.
Section 1218 Uninsured motorist identification fee for tracking motor vehicle insurance -- Exemption -- Deposit.
Section 1219 Motor carrier fee.
Section 1220 Registration reinstatement fee.
Section 1221 Fees to cover the cost of electronic payments.
Section 1222 Local option highway construction and transportation corridor preservation fee -- Exemptions -- Deposit -- Transfer -- County ordinance -- Notice.
Section 1223 Local emissions compliance fee -- Exemptions -- Transfer -- County ordinance -- Notice.
Section 1224 Credit for registering an off-highway vehicle as a street-legal all-terrain vehicle.
Section 1301 Unpaid fees and penalty -- Lien -- Seizure and sale.
Section 1302 Violations class C misdemeanor.
Section 1303 Driving without registration or certificate of title.
Section 1303.5 Driving without registration or certificate of title -- Class B misdemeanor.
Section 1304 Operating motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer in excess of registered gross laden weight -- Class C misdemeanor.
Section 1305 License plate and registration card violations -- Class C misdemeanor.
Section 1306 Abuse of persons with disabilities parking privileges -- Revocation of special plate or transferable ID card -- Fine.
Section 1307 Operation of motor vehicles, trailers, or semitrailers without payment of fees -- Class C misdemeanor.
Section 1309 Boarding with intent to commit injury to motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer -- Class C misdemeanor.
Section 1310 Class B misdemeanors.
Section 1313 Third degree felony to possess motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, or parts without identification number -- Presumption of knowledge.
Section 1314 Unauthorized control for extended time.
Section 1315 Third degree felony -- False evidences of title and registration.
Section 1316 Receiving or transferring stolen motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer -- Penalty.
Section 1317 Selling or buying without identification numbers -- Penalty.
Section 1318 Second degree felony -- Fraudulent alteration of identification number.
Section 1319 Third degree felony -- Odometer violation.
Section 1320 Tax clearance required to move manufactured home or mobile home.
Section 1401 Report of stolen and recovered vehicles, vessels, and outboard motors by officials.
Section 1402 Report by owners or lienholders of thefts and recoveries.
Section 1501 Title.
Section 1502 Definitions.
Section 1503 Event data recorders -- Retrieval or disclosure of event data.
Section 1504 Effect of ownership transfer on ownership of data.
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