Title 48 Chapter 1

Title 48Partnership - Unincorporated Business Entities (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 1General and Limited Liability Partnerships (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section .5 Scope of chapter.
Section 1 Definition of terms.
Section 2 Interpretation of knowledge and notice.
Section 3 "Partnership" defined.
Section 3.1 Joint venture defined -- Application of chapter.
Section 4 Rules for determining the existence of a partnership.
Section 5 Partnership property.
Section 6 Partner agent of partnership as to partnership business.
Section 7 Conveyance of real property of partnership.
Section 8 Partnership bound by admission of partner.
Section 9 Partnership charged with knowledge of or notice to partner.
Section 10 Partnership bound by partner's wrongful act.
Section 11 Partnership bound by partner's breach of trust.
Section 12 Nature of partner's liability.
Section 13 Partner by estoppel.
Section 14 Liability of incoming partner.
Section 15 Rules determining rights and duties of partners.
Section 16 Partnership books.
Section 17 Duty of partners to render information.
Section 18 Partner accountable as a fiduciary.
Section 19 Right to an account.
Section 20 Continuation of partnership beyond fixed term.
Section 21 Extent of property rights of a partner.
Section 22 Nature of a partner's right in specific partnership property.
Section 23 Nature of partner's interest in the partnership.
Section 24 Assignment of partner's interest.
Section 25 Partner's interest subject to charging order.
Section 26 "Dissolution" defined.
Section 27 Partnership not terminated by dissolution.
Section 28 Causes of dissolution.
Section 29 Dissolution by decree of court.
Section 30 General effect of dissolution on authority of partner.
Section 31 Right of partner to contribution from copartners after dissolution.
Section 32 Power of partner to bind partnership to third persons after dissolution.
Section 33 Effect of dissolution on partner's existing liability.
Section 34 Right to wind up.
Section 35 Rights of partners to application of partnership property.
Section 36 Rights where partnership is dissolved for fraud or misrepresentation.
Section 37 Rules for distribution.
Section 38 Liability of persons continuing the business in certain cases.
Section 39 Rights of retiring or estate of deceased partner when the business is continued.
Section 40 Accrual of actions.
Section 41 Title.
Section 42 Registration of limited liability partnerships.
Section 43 Scope of chapter -- Choice of law.
Section 44 Foreign limited liability partnerships.
Section 45 Name of registered limited liability partnership.
Section 46 Professional relationship -- Personal liability.
Section 47 Regulatory agency or board authority -- Prohibitions on individuals apply.
Section 48 Limited liability partnerships providing professional services.
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