Title 53 Chapter 3

Title 53Public Safety Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 3Uniform Driver License Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Short title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 103 Driver License Division -- Creation -- Director -- Appointment -- Term -- Compensation.
Section 104 Division duties.
Section 104.5 Legislative finding -- Prohibition on implementing REAL ID Act.
Section 105 Fees for licenses, renewals, extensions, reinstatements, rescheduling, and identification cards.
Section 106 Disposition of revenues under this chapter -- Restricted account created -- Uses as provided by appropriation -- Nonlapsing.
Section 108 Authority to administer oaths.
Section 109 Records -- Access -- Fees -- Rulemaking.
Section 201 Short title.
Section 202 Drivers must be licensed -- Taxicab endorsement -- Violation.
Section 203 Authorizing or permitting driving in violation of chapter -- Renting of motor vehicles -- License requirements -- Employees must be licensed -- Violations.
Section 204 Persons who may not be licensed.
Section 205 Application for license or endorsement -- Fee required -- Tests -- Expiration dates of licenses and endorsements -- Information required -- Previous licenses surrendered -- Driving record transferred from other states -- Reinstatement -- Fee required -- License agreement.
Section 205.5 Fingerprint and photograph submission required for driving privilege card applicants and cardholders.
Section 205.6 Emergency contact database.
Section 206 Examination of applicant's physical and mental fitness to drive a motor vehicle.
Section 207 License certificates or driving privilege cards issued to drivers by class of motor vehicle -- Contents -- Release of anatomical gift information -- Temporary licenses or driving privilege cards -- Minors' licenses, cards, and permits -- Violation.
Section 208 Restrictions.
Section 209 Provisional licenses only for persons under 21 -- Separate point system -- Denial and suspension procedures.
Section 210.5 Learner permit.
Section 210.6 Motorcycle learner permit.
Section 211 Application of minors -- Liability of person signing application -- Cancellation of cosigning adult's liability -- Behind-the-wheel driving certification.
Section 212 Owner giving permission and minor liable for damages caused by minor driving a motor vehicle.
Section 213 Age and experience requirements to drive school bus or certain other carriers -- Misdemeanor to drive unauthorized class of motor vehicle -- Waiver of driving examination by third party certification.
Section 214 Renewal -- Fees required -- Extension without examination.
Section 214.5 License or identification card checkoff for vision screening.
Section 214.7 License or identification card checkoff for promoting and supporting organ donation.
Section 214.8 License or identification card checkoff for public transportation for seniors or people with disabilities.
Section 215 Duplicate license certificate -- Fee.
Section 216 Change of address -- Duty of licensee to notify division within 10 days -- Change of name -- Proof necessary -- Method of giving notice by division.
Section 217 License to be carried when driving motor vehicle -- Production in court -- Violation.
Section 218 Court to report convictions and may recommend suspension of license -- Severity of speeding violation defined.
Section 219 Suspension of minor's driving privileges.
Section 220 Offenses requiring mandatory revocation, denial, suspension, or disqualification of license -- Offense requiring an extension of period -- Hearing -- Limited driving privileges.
Section 221 Offenses that may result in denial, suspension, disqualification, or revocation of license -- Additional grounds for suspension -- Point system for traffic violations -- Notice and hearing -- Reporting of traffic violation procedures.
Section 221.5 Disclosure of license information to the Office of Recovery Services.
Section 222 Purpose of revocation or suspension for driving under the influence.
Section 223 Chemical test for driving under the influence -- Temporary license -- Hearing and decision -- Suspension and fee -- Judicial review.
Section 223.5 Telephonic or live audiovisual testimony at hearings.
Section 224 Filing a petition for hearing -- Judicial review of license cancellation, revocation, or suspension -- Scope of review.
Section 225 Eligibility for new license after revocation.
Section 226 Grounds for confiscation of licenses, plates, and other articles issued by state.
Section 227 Driving a motor vehicle prohibited while driving privilege denied, suspended, disqualified, or revoked -- Penalties.
Section 229 Prohibited uses of license certificate -- Penalty.
Section 231 Person under 21 may not operate a vehicle or motorboat with detectable alcohol in body -- Chemical test procedures -- Temporary license -- Hearing and decision -- Suspension of license or operating privilege -- Fees -- Judicial review -- Referral to local substance abuse authority or program.
Section 232 Conditional license -- May not operate a vehicle or motorboat with alcohol in body -- Penalty.
Section 234 Driver license application -- Selective Service Registration -- Statement.
Section 301 Short title.
Section 302 Definitions.
Section 303 Driver License Medical Advisory Board -- Membership -- Guidelines for licensing impaired persons -- Recommendations to division.
Section 303.5 Driver License Medical Advisory Board -- Medical waivers.
Section 304 Licensing of persons with impairments -- Medical review -- Restricted license -- Procedures.
Section 305 Notification of impaired person to the division -- Confidentiality of notification -- Rulemaking -- Penalty.
Section 401 Short title.
Section 402 Definitions.
Section 403 Superseding clause.
Section 404 Requirements to drive commercial motor vehicle.
Section 405 Authority to drive commercial motor vehicle in Utah.
Section 406 Commercial motor vehicle driver -- Only one license.
Section 407 Qualifications for commercial driver license -- Fee -- Third parties may administer skills test.
Section 407.1 Commercial driver license third party tester or third party examiner license -- Fingerprint background check required.
Section 408 Qualifications for commercial driver instruction permit.
Section 410 Applicant information required for CDIP and CDL -- State resident to have state CDL.
Section 410.1 Medical certification requirements.
Section 411 Description of CDL -- Information to be included.
Section 412 CDL classifications, endorsements, and restrictions.
Section 413 Issuance of CDL by division -- Driving record -- Expiration date -- Renewal -- Hazardous materials provision.
Section 414 CDL disqualification or suspension -- Grounds and duration -- Procedure.
Section 415 Limitations on employment of commercial motor vehicle drivers.
Section 416 Driving record and other information to be provided to employer.
Section 417 Measurable alcohol amount consumed -- Penalty -- Refusal to take test for alcohol.
Section 418 Prohibited alcohol level for drivers -- Procedures, including hearing.
Section 419 Nonresident driver violations reported to resident state.
Section 420 Driver's driving record available for certain purposes.
Section 501 Short title.
Section 502 Definitions.
Section 503 Exemption for college, university, and high school programs.
Section 504 Licenses required -- Inspections.
Section 505 School license -- Contents of rules.
Section 505.5 Behind-the-wheel training requirements.
Section 506 License expiration and renewal -- Fee required -- Disposition of revenue.
Section 507 Licenses -- Cancellation, revocation, or refusal to issue or renew -- Ineligibility for license.
Section 508 Local boards of education may conduct class for adults.
Section 509 Violations -- Penalties.
Section 510 Instructors certified to administer skills tests.
Section 601 Short title.
Section 602 Definitions.
Section 603 Ratification.
Section 604 Text of compact -- Party states to report traffic violations and exchange driving record information in home state of driver.
Section 605 Furnishing information and documents.
Section 606 Expenses of compact administrator.
Section 607 Court and agency reporting of actions to department.
Section 701 Short title.
Section 702 Definitions.
Section 703 Violations exempted from compact.
Section 704 Authority to enter compact.
Section 705 Procedures for issuing traffic citation.
Section 706 Procedure for home jurisdictions upon report of a licensee's failure to comply with out-of-state authority.
Section 707 Rights of party jurisdictions not affected by compact.
Section 708 Compact administrator.
Section 709 Amendment of compact.
Section 801 Short title.
Section 802 Definitions.
Section 803 Application for identification card -- Age requirements -- Application on behalf of others.
Section 804 Application for identification card -- Required information -- Release of anatomical gift information -- Cancellation of identification card.
Section 805 Identification card -- Contents -- Specifications.
Section 806 Portrait-style format -- Minor's card distinguishable.
Section 806.5 Identification card required if sex offender does not have driver license.
Section 807 Expiration -- Address and name change -- Extension.
Section 808 Fee required for identification card.
Section 809 Revocation of card for providing false information or altering card.
Section 810 Prohibited uses of identification card -- Penalties.
Section 901 Title.
Section 902 Definitions.
Section 903 Motorcycle Rider Education Program.
Section 904 Instructor training and approval.
Section 905 Dedication of fees.
Section 907 Licensing skills test exemption.
Section 908 Advisory committee.
Section 909 Program exemption.
Section 1001 Title.
Section 1002 Definitions.
Section 1003 Licenses required -- Inspections.
Section 1004 Ignition interlock system provider license -- Contents of rules.
Section 1005 License expiration and renewal -- Fee required -- Disposition of revenue.
Section 1006 Licenses -- Cancellation, revocation, or refusal to issue or renew -- Ineligibility for license.
Section 1007 Ignition interlock system provider -- Notification to the division upon installation or removal of an ignition interlock system -- License suspension or revocation for failure to install or remove.
Section 1008 Violations -- Penalties.
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