Title 53A Chapter 11

Title 53AState System of Public Education (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 11Students in Public Schools (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions.
Section 101.3 Preapproval of extended absence.
Section 101.5 Compulsory education.
Section 101.7 Truancy -- Notice of truancy -- Failure to cooperate with school authorities -- Habitual truant citation.
Section 102 Minors exempt from school attendance.
Section 102.5 Dual enrollment.
Section 102.6 Private school and home school students' participation in extracurricular activities in a public school.
Section 102.7 Placement of a home school student who transfers to a public school.
Section 103 Duties of a school board, local charter board, or school district in resolving attendance problems -- Parental involvement -- Liability not imposed.
Section 104 Truancy specialists.
Section 105 Taking custody of a person believed to be a truant minor -- Disposition -- Receiving centers -- Reports -- Immunity from liability.
Section 106 Truancy support centers.
Section 201 Rules for examinations prescribed by Department of Health -- Notification of impairment.
Section 202 Personnel to perform health examination.
Section 203 Vision screening.
Section 204 Nursing services in the public schools -- Collaborative efforts.
Section 205 Notification to the parent of an injured or sick child.
Section 301 Certificate of immunization required.
Section 302 Immunizations required -- Exceptions -- Grounds for exemption from required immunizations.
Section 302.5 Personal belief immunization exemption.
Section 303 Regulations of department.
Section 304 Certificate part of student's record -- Forms for certificates -- Transfer of immunization record to official certificate.
Section 305 Immunization by local health departments -- Fees.
Section 306 Conditional enrollment -- Suspension for noncompliance -- Procedure.
Section 401 Definitions.
Section 402 Mandatory reporting of prohibited acts.
Section 403 Reporting procedure.
Section 404 Immunity from civil or criminal liability.
Section 501 Definitions.
Section 502 Identifying records -- Reporting requirements.
Section 503 Requirement of birth certificate for enrollment of students -- Procedures.
Section 504 Requirement of school record for transfer of student -- Procedures.
Section 601 Administration of medication to students -- Prerequisites -- Immunity from liability.
Section 602 Self-administration of asthma medication.
Section 603 Administration of glucagon -- Training of volunteer school personnel -- Authority to use glucagon -- Immunity from liability.
Section 604 Diabetes medication -- Possession -- Self-administration.
Section 605 Definitions -- School personnel -- Medical recommendations -- Exceptions -- Penalties.
Section 801 Definitions.
Section 802 Prohibition of corporal punishment -- Use of reasonable and necessary physical restraint or force.
Section 803 Investigation of complaint -- Confidentiality -- Immunity.
Section 804 Liability.
Section 805 Exception.
Section 806 Defacing or injuring school property -- Student's liability -- Voluntary work program alternative.
Section 901 Public school discipline policies -- Basis of the policies -- Enforcement.
Section 901.5 Period of silence.
Section 902 Conduct and discipline policies and procedures.
Section 903 Suspension and expulsion procedures -- Notice to parents -- Distribution of policies.
Section 904 Grounds for suspension or expulsion from a public school.
Section 905 Delegation of authority to suspend or expel a student -- Procedure for suspension -- Readmission.
Section 906 Alternatives to suspension or expulsion.
Section 907 Student suspended or expelled -- Responsibility of parent or guardian -- Application for students with disabilities.
Section 908 Extracurricular activities -- Prohibited conduct -- Reporting of violations -- Limitation of liability.
Section 910 Disruptive student behavior.
Section 1001 Notification by juvenile court and law enforcement agencies.
Section 1002 Superintendent required to notify school.
Section 1003 Board to set procedures.
Section 1004 Liability for release of information.
Section 1101 Notification of teachers of weapons on school property -- Immunity from civil and criminal liability.
Section 1201 Title.
Section 1202 Definitions.
Section 1203 Student clubs -- Limited open forum -- Authorization.
Section 1204 Curricular clubs -- Authorization.
Section 1205 Noncurricular clubs -- Annual authorization.
Section 1206 Clubs -- Limitations and denials.
Section 1207 Faculty oversight of authorized clubs.
Section 1208 Use of school facilities by clubs.
Section 1209 Club membership.
Section 1210 Parental consent.
Section 1211 Violations -- Investigations -- School responses.
Section 1212 Appeals -- Procedures.
Section 1213 Rulemaking -- State Board of Education -- School governing boards.
Section 1214 Severability.
Section 1301 Definitions.
Section 1302 Reporting of prohibited acts affecting a school -- Confidentiality.
Section 1303 Immunity from civil or criminal liability.
Section 1304 Admissibility of evidence in civil and criminal actions.
Section 1305 Board rules to ensure protection of individual rights.
Section 1501 Title.
Section 1502 Definitions.
Section 1503 School Safety Tip Line established.
Section 1504 School Safety Tip Line Commission established -- Members.
Section 1505 School Safety Tip Line Commission duties -- Reporting requirements.
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