Title 53A Chapter 1a

Title 53AState System of Public Education (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 1aUtah Strategic Planning Act for Educational Excellence (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Short title.
Section 103 Public education's vision and mission.
Section 104 Characteristics of public education system.
Section 105 Parental participation in educational process -- Employer support.
Section 105.5 Parental permission required for specified in-home programs -- Exceptions.
Section 106 School district and individual school powers -- Student education/occupation plan (SEOP) definition.
Section 107 State Board of Education assistance to districts and schools.
Section 108 School community councils -- Duties -- Composition -- Election procedures and selection of members.
Section 108.1 School community councils -- Open and public meeting requirements.
Section 108.5 School improvement plan.
Section 110 Computer program for students with autism and other special needs.
Section 501 Short title.
Section 501.3 Definitions.
Section 501.5 State Charter School Board created.
Section 501.6 Power and duties of State Charter School Board.
Section 501.7 State Charter School Board -- Staff director -- Facilities.
Section 501.9 State Charter School Board to request applications for certain types of charter schools.
Section 502.5 Approval of increase in charter school enrollment capacity.
Section 503 Purpose.
Section 503.5 Status of charter schools.
Section 504 Charter school application -- Applicants -- Contents -- Expansion.
Section 505 Charter schools authorized by the State Charter School Board -- Application process -- Prohibited bases of application denial.
Section 506 Eligible students.
Section 506.5 Charter school students -- Admissions procedures -- Transfers.
Section 507 Requirements for charter schools.
Section 507.1 Charter school innovative practices -- Report to State Charter School Board.
Section 508 Charter agreement -- Content -- Modification.
Section 509 Noncompliance -- Rulemaking.
Section 510 Termination of a charter.
Section 510.5 Charter school closure.
Section 511 Waivers from state board rules -- Application of statutes and rules to charter schools.
Section 512 Employees of charter schools.
Section 512.5 Criminal background checks on school personnel.
Section 513 Funding for charter schools.
Section 513.5 Charter school start-up costs.
Section 514 Tort liability.
Section 515 Charters authorized by local school boards -- Application process -- Local school board responsibilities.
Section 517 Charter school assets.
Section 518 Regulated transactions and relationships -- Definitions -- Rulemaking.
Section 519 Charter school students' participation in extracurricular activities at other public schools.
Section 520 Accountability -- Rules.
Section 521 Charter schools authorized by a board of trustees of a higher education institution -- Application process -- Board of trustees responsibilities.
Section 522 Charter School Revolving Account.
Section 523 Property tax exemption for property owned by a charter school.
Section 601 Job enhancements for mathematics, science, technology, and special education training.
Section 701 Title.
Section 702 Findings and purpose.
Section 703 Definitions.
Section 704 Scholarship program created -- Qualifications.
Section 705 Eligible private schools.
Section 706 Scholarship payments.
Section 707 Board to make rules.
Section 708 Enforcement and penalties.
Section 709 Limitation on regulation of private schools.
Section 710 Review by Legislative Auditor General.
Section 804 Scholarship program created -- Qualifications -- Application.
Section 805 Eligible private schools.
Section 806 Scholarship payments.
Section 808 Board to make rules.
Section 811 Review by legislative auditor general.
Section 1001 Definitions.
Section 1002 UPSTART program to develop school readiness skills of preschool children.
Section 1003 School district participation in UPSTART.
Section 1004 Family participation in UPSTART.
Section 1005 Purchase of equipment and service through cooperative purchasing contracts.
Section 1006 Audit and evaluation.
Section 1007 Annual report.
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