Title 53A Chapter 8a

Title 53AState System of Public Education (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 8aPublic Education Human Resource Management Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Definitions.
Section 201 Career employee status for provisional employees -- Career status in the event of change of position -- Continuation of probationary status when position changes -- Temporary status for extra duty assignments -- Employees not eligible for career status.
Section 301 Evaluation of employee performance.
Section 302 State Board of Education rules -- Reporting to Legislature.
Section 401 Legislative findings.
Section 402 Definitions.
Section 403 Establishment of educator evaluation program -- Joint committee.
Section 404 Evaluation orientation.
Section 405 Components of educator evaluation program.
Section 406 Summative evaluation timelines -- Review of summative evaluations.
Section 407 Deficiencies -- Improvement.
Section 408 Mentor for provisional educator.
Section 409 State Board of Education to establish a framework for the evaluation of educators.
Section 410 Report of educator ratings.
Section 501 Local school board to establish dismissal procedures.
Section 502 Dismissal procedures.
Section 503 Nonrenewal or termination of a career employee's contract for unsatisfactory performance.
Section 504 Hearings before district board or hearing officers -- Rights of the board and the employee -- Subpoenas -- Appeals.
Section 505 Necessary staff reduction not precluded -- Last-hired, first-fired layoffs prohibited.
Section 506 Restriction on transfer of employee with unsatisfactory performance.
Section 601 State Board of Education to make rules on performance compensation.
Section 602 Educator's eligibility for a wage increase.
Section 701 Definitions.
Section 702 Evaluation of school and district administrators.
Section 703 Compensation of school and district administrators.
Section 801 Definitions.
Section 802 PAR Program guidelines -- Report.
Section 803 Program components.
Section 804 Creation -- Make-up -- Duties of a district PAR Joint Panel.
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