Title 54 Chapter 3

Title 54Public Utilities (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 3Duties of Public Utilities (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 1 Charges must be just; service adequate; rules reasonable.
Section 2 Schedules of rates and classification -- Right of inspection -- Changes by commission.
Section 3 Changes by utilities in schedules -- Notice.
Section 4 Joint tariffs.
Section 7 Charges not to vary from schedules -- Refunds and rebates forbidden -- Exceptions.
Section 8 Preferences forbidden -- Power of commission to determine facts -- Applicability of section.
Section 8.5 Rate on electricity for agricultural irrigation or drainage.
Section 9 Sliding scale of charges -- Control by commission.
Section 10 Interchange of business required.
Section 19 Long and short distance service -- Through and intermediate rates.
Section 21 Commission to be furnished information and copies of records -- Hearings before commission to be public -- Privilege.
Section 22 Required reports.
Section 23 Commission's orders must be obeyed.
Section 24 Hostage situation -- Telephone communication prevention.
Section 26 Retention of unclaimed capital credits by electric and telephone cooperatives -- Use of retained money -- Reporting requirements.
Section 27 Public utility easement.
Section 28 Notice required of certain public utilities before preparing or amending a long-range plan or acquiring certain property.
Section 29 Removal, relocation, or alteration of utility facility in public highway construction or reconstruction -- Notice -- Cooperation.
Section 30 Electric utility service within a provider municipality -- Electrical corporation prohibited as provider -- Exceptions -- Notice and agreement -- Transfer of customer.
Section 31 Electric utility service within a provider municipality -- Electrical corporation authorized as continuing provider for service provided on or before June 15, 2013 -- Notice of service and agreement -- Transfer of customer.
Section 32 Public utility duties -- Procedure to transfer service to a nonutility energy supplier.
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