Title 54 Chapter 4

Title 54Public Utilities (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 4Authority of Commission Over Public Utilities (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 1 General jurisdiction.
Section 1.1 Wholesale electrical cooperative exempt from rate regulation -- Requirements for rate increase.
Section 1.5 Investigations, providing information, audits and recommendations by director.
Section 2 Investigations -- Hearings and notice -- Findings -- Applicability of chapter.
Section 4 Classification and fixing of rates after hearing.
Section 4.1 Rules to govern rates.
Section 7 Rules, equipment, service -- Regulation after hearing.
Section 8 Additions, improvements, extensions, repairs, or changes -- Apportioning costs.
Section 12 Telegraph and telephone -- Connections -- Joint rates -- Division of costs.
Section 13 Joint use of properties by utilities -- Adjustment of costs -- Cable television easement rights.
Section 13.1 Natural gas vehicle rate.
Section 13.4 Natural gas fueling stations and facilities -- Recovery of expenditures for stations and facilities.
Section 14 Safety regulation.
Section 15 Establishment and regulation of grade crossings.
Section 15.1 Signals or devices at grade crossings -- Duty to provide.
Section 15.2 Signals or devices at grade crossings -- Funds for payment of costs.
Section 15.3 Signals or devices at grade crossings -- Apportionment of costs.
Section 15.4 Signals or devices at grade crossings -- Provision of costs.
Section 16 Investigation and report of accidents.
Section 18 Electric, gas, and water service.
Section 19 Right to enter upon public utility premises.
Section 20 Consumer may have meter tested upon paying fee.
Section 21 Valuation of public utilities.
Section 22 Statements of valuations -- Affidavits -- Records of valuation.
Section 23 Accounts and records of utilities.
Section 24 Depreciation accounts and fund.
Section 25 Certificate of convenience and necessity prerequisite to construction and operation -- Electrical suppliers.
Section 26 Contracts calling for expenditures -- Commission to approve.
Section 27 Payment of dividends -- Notice -- Restraint.
Section 28 Merger, consolidation, or combination.
Section 29 Acquiring voting stock or securities of like utility only on consent of commission.
Section 30 Acquiring properties of like utility only on consent of commission.
Section 31 Electrical corporation to issue securities only on consent of commission -- Exceptions -- Validity of securities.
Section 37 Definitions -- Unauthorized charge to account -- Penalties -- Procedures for verification -- Authority of commission and Division of Public Utilities.
Section 39 Natural gas derived from new technologies -- Long-term contracts.
Section 40 Approval of certain agreements between an electrical corporation and municipality.
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