Title 62A Chapter 4a

Title 62AUtah Human Services Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 4aChild and Family Services (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions.
Section 102 Policy responsibilities of division.
Section 103 Division -- Creation -- Purpose.
Section 104 Director of division -- Qualifications.
Section 105 Division responsibilities.
Section 105.5 Employees -- Failure to comply with policy -- Termination.
Section 106 Services provided by division.
Section 107 Mandatory education and training of caseworkers -- Development of curriculum.
Section 107.5 Private recruitment and training of foster care parents and child welfare volunteers -- Extension of immunity.
Section 109 Eligibility -- Fee schedules.
Section 110 Receipt of gifts -- Volunteer services.
Section 111 Fraudulently obtained services -- Recovery.
Section 112 Request to examine family services payment.
Section 113 Division's enforcement authority -- Responsibility of attorney general to represent division.
Section 114 Financial reimbursement by parent or legal guardian.
Section 115 Administrative proceedings.
Section 117 Performance monitoring system -- Annual report.
Section 118 Annual review of child welfare referrals and cases by executive director -- Accountability to the Legislature -- Review by legislative auditor general.
Section 119 Division required to produce "family impact statement" with regard to rules.
Section 120 Accommodation of moral and religious beliefs and culture.
Section 121 Reimbursement of motor vehicle insurance coverage for foster child.
Section 201 Rights of parents -- Children's rights -- Interest and responsibility of state.
Section 202 In-home services for the preservation of families.
Section 202.1 Entering home of a child -- Taking a child into protective custody -- Caseworker accompanied by peace officer -- Preventive services -- Shelter facility or emergency placement.
Section 202.2 Notice upon removal of child -- Locating noncustodial parent -- Written statement of procedural rights and preliminary proceedings.
Section 202.3 Investigation -- Supported or unsupported reports -- Child in protective custody.
Section 202.4 Access to criminal background information.
Section 202.6 Conflict child protective services investigations -- Authority of investigators.
Section 202.8 Child protection team meeting -- Timing.
Section 203 Removal of a child from home -- Reasonable efforts to maintain child in home -- Exception -- Reasonable efforts for reunification.
Section 203.5 Mandatory petition for termination of parental rights.
Section 205 Child and family plan -- Parent-time.
Section 205.5 Prohibition of discrimination based on race, color, or ethnicity.
Section 205.6 Adoptive placement time frame -- Contracting with agencies.
Section 206 Process for removal of a child from foster family -- Procedural due process.
Section 206.1 Foster parent's preference upon child's reentry into foster care.
Section 207 Legislative Oversight Panel -- Responsibilities.
Section 208 Child protection ombudsman -- Responsibility -- Authority.
Section 209 Emergency placement.
Section 210 Definitions.
Section 211 Division responsibilities -- Normalizing lives of children.
Section 212 Requirements for decision making -- Rulemaking authority.
Section 250 Separate programs and procedures for minors committed to the custody of the Division of Child and Family Services on grounds other than abuse or neglect -- Attorney general responsibility.
Section 301 Legislative finding.
Section 302 Definitions.
Section 303 Director's responsibility.
Section 304 Contracts for services.
Section 305 Prevention and treatment programs.
Section 306 Programs and services -- Public hearing requirements -- Review by local board of education.
Section 307 Factors considered in award of contracts.
Section 308 Portion of funding provided by contractor.
Section 309 Children's Account.
Section 310 Funds -- Transfers and gifts.
Section 311 Child Abuse Advisory Council -- Creation -- Membership -- Expenses.
Section 401 Legislative purpose -- Report and study items.
Section 402 Definitions.
Section 403 Reporting requirements.
Section 404 Fetal alcohol syndrome and drug dependency -- Reporting requirements.
Section 405 Death of child -- Reporting requirements.
Section 406 Photographs.
Section 407 Protective custody.
Section 408 Written reports.
Section 409 Investigation by division -- Temporary protective custody -- Preremoval interviews of children.
Section 410 Immunity from liability -- Exceptions.
Section 411 Failure to report -- Criminal penalty.
Section 412 Reports and information confidential.
Section 414 Interviews of children -- Recording required -- Exceptions.
Section 415 Law enforcement interviews of children in state custody.
Section 501 Harboring a runaway -- Reporting requirements -- Division to provide assistance -- Affirmative defense -- Providing shelter after notice.
Section 601 Definitions.
Section 602 Licensure requirements -- Prohibited acts.
Section 603 Injunction -- Enforcement by county attorney or attorney general.
Section 605 Establishing proof of authority.
Section 606 Child placing agency responsibility for educational services -- Payment of costs.
Section 607 Promotion of adoption -- Agency notice to potential adoptive parents.
Section 608 Choose Life Adoption Support Restricted Account.
Section 701 Interstate Compact on Placement of Children -- Text.
Section 702 Financial responsibility.
Section 703 Division as public authority.
Section 704 Director as authority.
Section 705 Fulfillment of requirements.
Section 706 Jurisdiction over delinquent children.
Section 707 Executive -- Authority.
Section 708 Existing authority for child placement continues.
Section 709 Medical assistance identification.
Section 710 Interjurisdictional home study report.
Section 801 Definitions.
Section 802 Safe relinquishment of a newborn child.
Section 901 Legislative purpose.
Section 902 Definitions.
Section 903 Eligibility.
Section 904 Adoption assistance.
Section 905 Supplemental adoption assistance.
Section 906 Termination or modification of adoption assistance.
Section 907 Interstate compact adoption assistance agreements.
Section 1001 Title.
Section 1002 Definitions.
Section 1003 Management Information System -- Requirements -- Contents -- Purpose -- Access.
Section 1004 Risk assessment training -- Second health care opinion.
Section 1005 Supported finding of a severe type of child abuse or neglect -- Notation in Licensing Information System -- Juvenile court petition or notice to alleged perpetrator -- Rights of alleged perpetrator -- Juvenile court finding.
Section 1006 Licensing Information System -- Contents -- Juvenile court finding -- Protected record -- Access -- Criminal penalty.
Section 1007 False reports -- Penalties.
Section 1008 Timeframes for deletion of specified information or reports.
Section 1009 Notice and opportunity to challenge supported finding in Management Information System -- Right of judicial review.
Section 1010 Notice and opportunity for court hearing for persons listed in Licensing Information System.
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