Title 63G Chapter 2

Title 63GGeneral Government (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 2Government Records Access and Management Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Legislative intent.
Section 103 Definitions.
Section 104 Administrative Procedures Act not applicable.
Section 105 Confidentiality agreements.
Section 106 Records of security measures.
Section 107 Disclosure of records subject to federal law.
Section 108 Certification of records officer.
Section 201 Right to inspect records and receive copies of records.
Section 202 Access to private, controlled, and protected documents.
Section 203 Fees.
Section 204 Requests -- Time limit for response and extraordinary circumstances.
Section 205 Denials.
Section 206 Sharing records.
Section 207 Subpoenas -- Court ordered disclosure for discovery.
Section 208 Public repository of legislative email.
Section 301 Public records.
Section 302 Private records.
Section 303 Private information concerning certain government employees.
Section 304 Controlled records.
Section 305 Protected records.
Section 306 Procedure to determine classification.
Section 307 Duty to evaluate records and make designations and classifications.
Section 308 Segregation of records.
Section 309 Confidentiality claims.
Section 310 Records made public after 75 years.
Section 401 Appeal to head of governmental entity.
Section 402 Option for appealing a denial.
Section 403 Appeals to the records committee.
Section 404 Judicial review.
Section 405 Confidential treatment of records for which no exemption applies.
Section 406 Evidentiary standards for release of certain enforcement and litigation records.
Section 501 State Records Committee created -- Membership -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Expenses.
Section 502 State Records Committee -- Duties.
Section 601 Rights of individuals on whom data is maintained -- Classification statement -- Notice to provider of information.
Section 602 Disclosure to subject of records -- Context of use.
Section 603 Requests to amend a record -- Appeals.
Section 604 Retention and disposition of records.
Section 701 Political subdivisions may adopt ordinances in compliance with chapter.
Section 702 Applicability to the judiciary.
Section 703 Applicability to the Legislature.
Section 801 Criminal penalties.
Section 802 Injunction -- Attorney fees.
Section 803 No individual liability for certain decisions of a governmental entity.
Section 804 Violation of provision of chapter -- Penalties for intentional mutilation or destruction -- Disciplinary action.
Section 901 Definitions -- Public associations subject to act.
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