Title 63G Chapter 6a

Title 63GGeneral Government (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 6aUtah Procurement Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Purpose of chapter.
Section 103 Definitions.
Section 104 Definitions of government entities.
Section 105 Application of chapter.
Section 106 Procurement units with specific statutory procurement authority -- Independent procurement authority.
Section 107 Exemptions from chapter -- Compliance with federal law.
Section 108 Limitations on and responsibility of executive branch procurement units.
Section 109 Issuing procurement unit and conducting procurement unit.
Section 201 Title.
Section 202 Creation of Utah State Procurement Policy Board.
Section 203 Powers and duties of board.
Section 204 Applicability of rules and regulations of Utah State Procurement Policy Board and State Building Board -- Report to interim committee.
Section 205 Procurement advisory councils.
Section 301 Title.
Section 302 Chief procurement officer -- Appointment -- Qualifications -- Authority.
Section 303 Duties and authority of chief procurement officer.
Section 304 Delegation of authority.
Section 305 Duty of chief procurement officer in maintaining specifications.
Section 401 Title.
Section 402 Procurement unit required to comply with Utah Procurement Code and applicable rules -- Rulemaking authority -- Reporting.
Section 403 Prequalification of potential vendors.
Section 404 Approved vendor list.
Section 406 Public notice of certain solicitations.
Section 407 Purpose of specifications.
Section 408 Small purchases.
Section 501 Title.
Section 502 Purpose of request for information.
Section 503 Request for information and response nonbinding.
Section 504 Contents of request for information.
Section 505 Protected information.
Section 601 Title.
Section 602 Contracts awarded by bidding.
Section 603 Invitation for bids -- Requirements -- Publication.
Section 604 Bid opening and acceptance.
Section 605 Correction or withdrawal of bids -- Cancellation of award.
Section 606 Evaluation of bids -- Award -- Cancellation -- Disqualification.
Section 607 Action if all bids exceed available funds -- Exemption.
Section 608 Tie bids -- Resolution -- Copies provided to attorney general.
Section 609 Multiple stage bidding process.
Section 610 Contracts awarded by reverse auction.
Section 611 Invitation for bids for reverse auction -- Requirements -- Publication of invitation.
Section 612 Conduct of reverse auction.
Section 701 Title.
Section 702 Contracts awarded by request for proposals.
Section 703 Request for proposals -- Requirements -- Publication of request.
Section 704 Opening of proposals -- Limitation on accepting a proposal -- Rejecting a proposal.
Section 706 Correction or withdrawal of proposal -- Cancellation of award.
Section 707 Evaluation of proposals -- Evaluation committee.
Section 707.5 Best and final offers.
Section 708 Justification statement -- Cost-benefit analysis.
Section 709 Award of contract -- Cancellation -- Disqualification.
Section 709.5 Publication of award and scores.
Section 710 Multiple stage process.
Section 711 Procurement for submitted proposal.
Section 801 Title.
Section 802 Award of contract without competition -- Notice -- Extension of contract without engaging in standard procurement process.
Section 803 Emergency procurement.
Section 804 Purchase of prison industry goods.
Section 805 Purchase from community rehabilitation programs.
Section 806 Exception for public transit district contracting with a county or municipality.
Section 901 Title.
Section 902 Cancellation and rejection of bids and proposals.
Section 903 Determination of nonresponsibility of bidder or offeror.
Section 904 Debarment or suspension from consideration for award of contracts -- Process -- Causes for debarment -- Appeal.
Section 905 Quote, bid, offer, or contract prohibited by person with outstanding tax lien -- Exceptions -- Rejection of quote, bid, or offer.
Section 1001 Title.
Section 1002 Reciprocal preference for providers of state products.
Section 1003 Preference for resident contractors.
Section 1004 Exception for federally funded contracts.
Section 1101 Title.
Section 1102 Bid security requirements -- Directed suretyship prohibited -- Penalty.
Section 1103 Bonds or security necessary when contract is awarded -- Waiver -- Action -- Attorney fees.
Section 1104 Preliminary notice requirement.
Section 1105 Form of bonds -- Effect of certified copy.
Section 1201 Title.
Section 1202 Standard contract clauses encouraged.
Section 1203 Contracts -- Certain indemnification provisions forbidden.
Section 1204 Multiyear contracts.
Section 1204.5 Multiple award contracts.
Section 1205 Regulation of contract types -- Permitted and prohibited contract types.
Section 1206 Rules and regulations to determine allowable incurred costs -- Required information -- Auditing of books.
Section 1207 Certification of change order.
Section 1208 Installment payments -- Contract prepayments.
Section 1209 Leases.
Section 1210 Contract provisions for incentives, damages, and penalties.
Section 1301 Title.
Section 1302 Alternative methods of construction contracting management.
Section 1303 Drug and alcohol testing required for state construction contracts.
Section 1401 Title.
Section 1402 Procurement of design-build transportation project contracts.
Section 1403 Procurement of tollway development agreements.
Section 1501 Title.
Section 1502 Policy regarding architect-engineer services.
Section 1503 Evaluation committee for architect-engineer services.
Section 1504 Selection as part of design-build or lease.
Section 1505 Determination of compensation for architect-engineer services.
Section 1506 Restrictions on procurement of architect-engineer services.
Section 1601 Title.
Section 1602 Protest -- Time for filing -- Authority to resolve protest.
Section 1603 Protest officer responsibilities and authority -- Proceedings on protest -- Effect of decision.
Section 1604 Dismissal of protest not filed in accordance with requirements.
Section 1701 Title.
Section 1702 Appeal to Utah State Procurement Policy Board -- Appointment of procurement appeals panel -- Proceedings.
Section 1703 Requirement to pay a security deposit or post a bond -- Exceptions -- Amount -- Forfeiture of security deposit or bond.
Section 1704 Discontinued appeal with prejudice, except as authorized.
Section 1705 Factual determination of procurement appeals panel final and conclusive.
Section 1706 Dismissal of an appeal not filed in compliance with requirements.
Section 1801 Title.
Section 1802 Appeal to Utah Court of Appeals.
Section 1901 Title.
Section 1902 Limitation on challenges -- Compliance with federal law.
Section 1903 Effect of timely protest or appeal.
Section 1904 Costs to or against protestor.
Section 1906 Effect of prior determination by agents of procurement unit.
Section 1907 Effect of violation found after award of contract.
Section 1909 Affect of violation found prior to award of contract.
Section 1910 Interest rates.
Section 1911 Determinations final except when arbitrary and capricious.
Section 2001 Title.
Section 2002 Records -- Retention.
Section 2003 Records of contracts made -- Audits -- Contract requirements.
Section 2004 Chief procurement officer's collection of information on procurement items.
Section 2101 Title.
Section 2102 Agreements between procurement units.
Section 2103 Purchases between procurement units.
Section 2104 Compliance by one procurement unit pursuant to agreement considered compliance by others to agreement.
Section 2105 Cooperative procurements -- Contracts with federal government -- Regional solicitations.
Section 2401 Title.
Section 2402 Definitions.
Section 2403 Applicability.
Section 2404 Unlawful conduct -- Exceptions -- Classification of offenses.
Section 2405 Discretion to declare contract or grant void -- Limitations.
Section 2406 Authority of conducting procurement unit with respect to evaluation committee.
Section 2407 Duty to report unlawful conduct.
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