Title 76 Chapter 1

Title 76Utah Criminal Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 1General Provisions (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Short title.
Section 102 Effective date.
Section 103 Application of code -- Offense prior to effective date.
Section 104 Purposes and principles of construction.
Section 105 Common law crimes abolished.
Section 106 Strict construction rule not applicable.
Section 107 Procedure -- Applicable provisions -- Military codes, enforcement of court orders, and liability for civil damages not affected.
Section 108 Separability clause.
Section 201 Jurisdiction of offenses.
Section 202 Venue of actions.
Section 301 Offenses for which prosecution may be commenced at any time.
Section 301.5 Time limitations for prosecution of misusing public money, falsification or alteration of government records, and bribery.
Section 302 Time limitations for prosecution of offenses -- Provisions if DNA evidence would identify the defendant -- Commencement of prosecution.
Section 303 Time limitations for fraud or breach of fiduciary obligation -- Misconduct of public officer or employee.
Section 304 Defendant out of state -- Plea held invalid -- New prosecutions.
Section 305 Lesser included offense for which period of limitations has run.
Section 306 Judge to determine.
Section 401 "Single criminal episode" defined -- Joinder of offenses and defendants.
Section 402 Separate offenses arising out of single criminal episode -- Included offenses.
Section 403 Former prosecution barring subsequent prosecution for offense out of same episode.
Section 404 Concurrent jurisdiction -- Prosecution in other jurisdiction barring prosecution in state.
Section 405 Subsequent prosecution not barred -- Circumstances.
Section 501 Presumption of innocence -- "Element of the offense" defined.
Section 502 Negating defense by allegation or proof -- When not required.
Section 503 Presumption of fact.
Section 504 Affirmative defense presented by defendant.
Section 601 Definitions.
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