Title 76 Chapter 10

Title 76Utah Criminal Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 10Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, Welfare, and Morals (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions.
Section 102 Cigarettes and tobacco -- Advertising restrictions -- Warnings in smokeless tobacco advertisements.
Section 103 Permitting minors to use tobacco in place of business.
Section 104 Providing a cigar, cigarette, electronic cigarette, or tobacco to a minor -- Penalties.
Section 104.1 Providing tobacco paraphernalia to minors -- Penalties.
Section 105 Buying or possessing a cigar, cigarette, electronic cigarette, or tobacco by a minor -- Penalty -- Compliance officer authority -- Juvenile court jurisdiction.
Section 105.1 Requirement of direct, face-to-face sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes -- Supremacy clause -- Penalties.
Section 105.3 Prohibition of sale or gift of clove cigarettes.
Section 107 Abuse of psychotoxic chemical solvents.
Section 107.5 Abuse of nitrous oxide -- Penalty.
Section 111 Prohibition of gift or free distribution of smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes -- Exceptions.
Section 112 Prohibition of distribution of cigarettes or other tobacco products -- Exceptions.
Section 201 Interference with water flow.
Section 202 Taking water out of turn or excess amount -- Damaging facilities.
Section 203 Obstruction of watergates.
Section 204 Damaging bridge, dam, canal or other water-related structure.
Section 302 Marking of containers of explosives before transportation or storage.
Section 303 Powder houses.
Section 304 Marking of containers of explosives held for sale or use.
Section 305 Different dates on containers of explosives prohibited -- Reuse of containers prohibited.
Section 306 Explosive, chemical, or incendiary device and parts -- Definitions -- Persons exempted -- Penalties.
Section 307 Explosive, chemical, or incendiary device -- Delivery to common carrier or mailing.
Section 308 Explosive, chemical, or incendiary device -- Venue of prosecution for shipping.
Section 401 Definitions.
Section 402 Manufacture, possession, sale, use, or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction prohibited -- Penalties.
Section 403 Manufacture, possession, sale, use, or attempted use of a hoax weapon of mass destruction prohibited -- Penalty.
Section 404 Exemptions.
Section 405 Reimbursement of government response expenses.
Section 500 Uniform law.
Section 501 Definitions.
Section 502 When weapon deemed loaded.
Section 503 Restrictions on possession, purchase, transfer, and ownership of dangerous weapons by certain persons -- Exceptions.
Section 504 Carrying concealed dangerous weapon -- Penalties.
Section 505 Carrying loaded firearm in vehicle or on street.
Section 505.5 Possession of a dangerous weapon, firearm, or short barreled shotgun on or about school premises -- Penalties.
Section 506 Threatening with or using dangerous weapon in fight or quarrel.
Section 507 Possession of deadly weapon with intent to assault.
Section 508 Discharge of firearm from a vehicle, near a highway, or in direction of any person, building, or vehicle -- Penalties.
Section 508.1 Felony discharge of a firearm -- Penalties.
Section 509 Possession of dangerous weapon by minor.
Section 509.4 Prohibition of possession of certain weapons by minors.
Section 509.5 Penalties for providing certain weapons to a minor.
Section 509.6 Parent or guardian providing firearm to violent minor.
Section 509.7 Parent or guardian knowing of minor's possession of dangerous weapon.
Section 509.9 Sales of firearms to juveniles.
Section 511 Possession of loaded firearm at residence or on real property authorized.
Section 512 Target concessions, shooting ranges, competitions, and hunting excepted from prohibitions.
Section 520 Number or mark assigned to pistol or revolver by Department of Public Safety.
Section 521 Unlawful marking of pistol or revolver.
Section 522 Alteration of number or mark on pistol or revolver.
Section 523 Persons exempt from weapons laws.
Section 523.5 Compliance with rules for secure facilities.
Section 524 Purchase of firearms pursuant to federal law.
Section 526 Criminal background check prior to purchase of a firearm -- Fee -- Exemption for concealed firearm permit holders and law enforcement officers.
Section 527 Penalties.
Section 528 Carrying a dangerous weapon while under influence of alcohol or drugs unlawful.
Section 529 Possession of dangerous weapons, firearms, or explosives in airport secure areas prohibited -- Penalty.
Section 530 Trespass with a firearm in a house of worship or private residence -- Notice -- Penalty.
Section 532 Removal from National Instant Check System database.
Section 601 Definitions.
Section 602 Use of person's name without consent for soliciting contribution prohibited -- Exception.
Section 603 Use of name without consent on stationery or as one who contributed to organization prohibited.
Section 604 Violations -- Classification of offense.
Section 701 Definitions.
Section 702 Fraudulent signing of stock subscriptions.
Section 703 Fraudulent documents relating to organization or increase of capital stock.
Section 704 Misrepresenting person as officer, agent, member or promoter.
Section 705 Concurrence by director in dividend or division of capital in violation of law.
Section 706 Unlawful acts by director, officer or agent.
Section 707 False reports.
Section 708 Refusing inspection of books.
Section 709 Presumption of director's knowledge of affairs.
Section 710 Presumption of director's concurrence in action if present at meeting -- Written dissent required.
Section 711 Foreign corporations subject to laws.
Section 801 "Nuisance" defined -- Violation -- Classification of offense.
Section 802 Befouling waters.
Section 803 "Public nuisance" defined -- Agricultural operations.
Section 804 Maintaining, committing or failing to remove public nuisance -- Classification of offense.
Section 805 Carcass or offal -- Prohibitions relating to disposal -- Classification of offense.
Section 806 Action for abatement of public nuisance.
Section 807 Violation of order enjoining a public nuisance.
Section 808 Relief granted for public nuisance.
Section 1001 Definitions.
Section 1002 Forging or counterfeiting trademark, trade name or trade device.
Section 1003 Selling goods under counterfeited trademark, trade name or trade device.
Section 1004 Sales in containers bearing registered trademark of substituted articles.
Section 1005 Using, destroying, concealing or possessing articles with registered trademark or service mark to deprive owner of use or possession -- Exception.
Section 1006 Selling or dealing with articles bearing registered trademark or service mark with intent to defraud.
Section 1007 Use of registered trademark without consent.
Section 1008 Inspections by trade commission.
Section 1009 Violation as unfair trade practice and unfair competition -- Investigation and enforcement proceedings by trade commission.
Section 1010 Action by law enforcement agencies on complaints.
Section 1101 Definitions.
Section 1102 Gambling.
Section 1103 Gambling fraud.
Section 1104 Gambling promotion.
Section 1104.5 Advertisement or solicitation for participation in lotteries -- Void in Utah.
Section 1105 Possessing a gambling device or record.
Section 1106 Duty of prosecuting attorney or law enforcement officer to prosecute offenses.
Section 1108 Seizure and disposition of gambling debts or proceeds.
Section 1109 Confidence game -- Punishment as for theft -- Description in charge.
Section 1201 Definitions.
Section 1203 Pornographic material or performance -- Expert testimony not required.
Section 1204 Distributing pornographic material -- Penalties -- Exemptions for Internet service providers and hosting companies.
Section 1205 Inducing acceptance of pornographic material -- Exemptions for Internet service providers and hosting companies.
Section 1206 Dealing in material harmful to a minor -- Penalties -- Exemptions for Internet service providers and hosting companies.
Section 1207 Use of real property by tenant or occupant -- Voiding of lease -- Allowance of such use by owner or lessor.
Section 1207.5 Exemption -- Corrections treatment, programs.
Section 1208 Affirmative defenses.
Section 1209 Injunctive relief -- Jurisdiction -- Consent to be sued.
Section 1210 Relation to other laws.
Section 1211 Separability clause.
Section 1212 Search and seizure -- Affidavit -- Issuance of warrant -- Hearing upon claim that material seized not pornographic or harmful to minors -- Procedures cumulative.
Section 1213 Corporate defendants -- Summons -- Subpoena duces tecum.
Section 1214 Conspiracy an offense -- Punishment.
Section 1215 Prosecution by county, district, or city attorney -- Fines payable to county or city.
Section 1216 Distribution of motion picture films -- Definitions.
Section 1217 Intent to prevent commercial distribution and exhibition of pornographic films--Local regulation and other laws not limited.
Section 1218 Qualification for exhibition and distribution of films required.
Section 1219 Qualification for distribution of films.
Section 1220 Change of registered office or agent by film distributor.
Section 1221 Service of process, notice, or demand on registered agent of film distributor.
Section 1222 Distribution of pornographic film -- Penalties for violations.
Section 1223 Distribution of film without being qualified -- Exhibition of film not acquired from qualified distributor -- Penalties for violations.
Section 1224 Defense to prosecution for distribution or exhibition of pornographic film -- Status as projectionist or other employee no defense.
Section 1225 Prosecution of pornographic film violations by county attorney, district attorney, or city attorney.
Section 1226 Exemptions from application of film distribution act.
Section 1227 Indecent public displays -- Definitions.
Section 1228 Indecent public displays -- Prohibitions -- Penalty.
Section 1229.5 Breast feeding is not violation of this part.
Section 1230 Definitions.
Section 1231 Data service providers -- Internet content harmful to minors.
Section 1233 Content providers -- Material harmful to minors.
Section 1234 Rulemaking authority.
Section 1235 Accessing pornographic or indecent material on school property.
Section 1301 Definitions.
Section 1302 Prostitution.
Section 1303 Patronizing a prostitute.
Section 1304 Aiding prostitution.
Section 1305 Exploiting prostitution.
Section 1306 Aggravated exploitation of prostitution.
Section 1307 Local ordinance consistent with code provisions.
Section 1308 Prosecution.
Section 1309 Enhanced penalties -- HIV positive offender.
Section 1310 Definitions.
Section 1311 Mandatory testing -- Retention of offender medical file -- Civil liability.
Section 1312 Notice to offender of HIV positive test results.
Section 1313 Sexual solicitation -- Penalty.
Section 1314 Examination of testing procedures and results in legal proceedings.
Section 1501 Short title.
Section 1502 Legislative findings.
Section 1503 Definitions.
Section 1504 Bus hijacking -- Assault with intent to commit hijacking -- Use of a dangerous weapon or firearm -- Penalties.
Section 1505 Discharging firearms and hurling missiles into buses and terminals -- Exception.
Section 1506 Threatening breach of peace -- Disorderly conduct -- Foul language -- Refusing requests -- Use of controlled substance, liquor, or tobacco -- Ejection of passenger.
Section 1507 Exclusion of persons without bona fide business from terminal -- Firearms and dangerous materials -- Surveillance devices and seizure of offending materials -- Detention of violators -- Private security personnel.
Section 1508 Theft of baggage or cargo.
Section 1509 Obstructing operation of bus.
Section 1510 Obstructing operation of bus -- Conspiracy.
Section 1511 Cumulative and supplemental nature of act.
Section 1601 Short title.
Section 1602 Definitions.
Section 1603 Unlawful acts.
Section 1603.5 Violation a felony -- Costs -- Fines -- Divestiture -- Restrictions -- Dissolution or reorganization -- Prior restraint.
Section 1604 Enforcement authority of peace officers.
Section 1605 Remedies of person injured by a pattern of unlawful activity -- Double damages -- Costs, including attorney fees -- Arbitration -- Agency -- Burden of proof -- Actions by attorney general or county attorney -- Dismissal -- Statute of limitations -- Authorized orders of district court.
Section 1607 Evidentiary value of criminal judgment in civil proceeding.
Section 1608 Severability clause.
Section 1609 Prospective application.
Section 1801 Communications fraud -- Elements -- Penalties.
Section 1901 Short title.
Section 1902 Definitions.
Section 1903 Money laundering.
Section 1904 Money laundering -- Penalty.
Section 1906 Reporting -- Criminal and civil penalties -- Enforcement.
Section 1907 Separate offenses.
Section 2001 Definitions.
Section 2002 Burglary of a research facility -- Penalties.
Section 2101 Use of recycling bins -- Prohibited items -- Penalties.
Section 2201 Unlawful body piercing and tattooing of a minor -- Penalties.
Section 2202 Leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle.
Section 2301 Contributing to the delinquency of a minor -- Definitions -- Penalties.
Section 2401 Definitions.
Section 2402 Commercial obstruction -- Penalties.
Section 2501 Unlawful use of a laser pointer -- Definitions -- Penalties.
Section 2601 Fencing of shafts and wells.
Section 2701 Destructive or injurious materials on parks, recreation areas, waterways, or other public or private lands -- Enforcement officers -- Litter receptacles required.
Section 2702 Penalty for littering on a park, recreation area, waterway, or other public or private land.
Section 2801 Vehicle compartment for contraband -- Penalties.
Section 2901 Transporting or harboring aliens -- Definition -- Penalty.
Section 3001 Fraudulent practices to affect market price.
Section 3002 Unfair discrimination in competitive practices.
Section 3003 Corporation guilty of unfair discrimination -- Action by attorney general.
Section 3004 Penalty for violation.
Section 3005 Unfair discrimination by buyer of milk, cream or butterfat -- Classification of offense.
Section 3101 Title.
Section 3102 Legislative findings -- Purpose of act.
Section 3103 Definitions.
Section 3104 Illegal anticompetitive activities.
Section 3105 Exempt activities.
Section 3106 Attorney General's powers -- Investigations -- Institution of actions -- Cooperation.
Section 3107 Civil antitrust investigations -- Demand for production of documents and responses to written interrogatories -- Oral examination -- Judicial order for compliance -- Confidentiality -- Subpoenas precluded.
Section 3108 Attorney general may bring action for injunctive relief, damages, or civil penalty.
Section 3109 Person may bring action for injunctive relief and damages -- Treble damages -- Recovery of actual damages or civil penalty by state or political subdivisions -- Immunity of political subdivisions from damages, costs, or attorney fees.
Section 3112 Fine for violation -- Certain vertical agreements excluded -- Nolo contendere.
Section 3113 Conviction as prima facie evidence in action for injunctive relief or damages.
Section 3114 Attorney General Litigation Fund.
Section 3115 Attorney general to advocate competition.
Section 3116 Venue of actions by state -- Transfer.
Section 3117 Statute of limitations.
Section 3118 Interpretation of act.
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