Title 76 Chapter 2

Title 76Utah Criminal Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 2Principles of Criminal Responsibility (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Requirements of criminal conduct and criminal responsibility.
Section 102 Culpable mental state required -- Strict liability.
Section 103 Definitions.
Section 104 Culpable mental state -- Higher mental states included.
Section 105 Transferred intent.
Section 201 Definitions.
Section 202 Criminal responsibility for direct commission of offense or for conduct of another.
Section 203 Defenses unavailable in prosecution based on conduct of another.
Section 204 Criminal responsibility of corporation or association.
Section 205 Criminal responsibility of person for conduct in name of corporation or association.
Section 301 Person under 14 years old not criminally responsible.
Section 302 Compulsion.
Section 303 Entrapment.
Section 304 Ignorance or mistake of fact or law.
Section 304.5 Mistake as to victim's age not a defense.
Section 305 Mental illness -- Use as a defense -- Influence of alcohol or other substance voluntarily consumed -- Definition.
Section 306 Voluntary intoxication.
Section 307 Voluntary termination of efforts prior to offense.
Section 308 Affirmative defenses.
Section 401 Justification as defense -- When allowed.
Section 402 Force in defense of person -- Forcible felony defined.
Section 403 Force in arrest.
Section 404 Peace officer's use of deadly force.
Section 405 Force in defense of habitation.
Section 406 Force in defense of property -- Affirmative defense.
Section 407 Deadly force in defense of persons on real property.
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