Title 76 Chapter 8

Title 76Utah Criminal Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 8Offenses Against the Administration of Government (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions.
Section 102 Campaign contributions not prohibited.
Section 103 Bribery or offering a bribe.
Section 104 Threats to influence official or political action.
Section 105 Receiving or soliciting bribe or bribery by public servant.
Section 106 Receiving bribe or bribery for endorsement of person as public servant.
Section 107 Alteration of proposed legislative bill or resolution.
Section 108 Alteration of enrolled legislative bill or resolution.
Section 110 Peace officer prohibited from acting as compensated collection agent for collection agencies or creditors.
Section 201 Official misconduct -- Unauthorized acts or failure of duty.
Section 202 Official misconduct -- Unlawful acts based on "inside" information.
Section 203 Unofficial misconduct.
Section 301 Interference with public servant.
Section 301.5 Failure to disclose identity.
Section 302 Picketing or parading in or near court.
Section 303 Prevention of Legislature or public servants from meeting or organizing.
Section 304 Disturbing Legislature or official meeting.
Section 305 Interference with arresting officer.
Section 305.5 Failure to stop at the command of a law enforcement officer.
Section 306 Obstruction of justice in criminal investigations or proceedings -- Elements -- Penalties -- Exceptions.
Section 306.5 Obstructing service of a Board of Pardons' warrant or a probationer order to show cause.
Section 307 Failure to aid peace officer.
Section 308 Acceptance of bribe or bribery to prevent criminal prosecution -- Defense.
Section 309 Escape and aggravated escape -- Consecutive sentences -- Definitions.
Section 311.1 Secure areas -- Items prohibited -- Penalty.
Section 311.3 Items prohibited in correctional and mental health facilities -- Penalties.
Section 312 Bail-jumping.
Section 313 Threatening elected officials -- Assault.
Section 314 Threatening elected officials -- "Elected official" defined.
Section 315 Threatening elected officials -- Penalties for assault.
Section 316 Influencing, impeding, or retaliating against a judge or member of the Board of Pardons and Parole or acting against a family member of a judge or a member of the Board of Pardons and Parole.
Section 317 Refusal to comply with order to evacuate or other orders issued in a local or state emergency -- Penalties.
Section 401 "Public funds," "public money," and "public officer" defined.
Section 402 Misusing public money.
Section 403 Failure to keep and pay over public money.
Section 404 Making profit from or misusing public money -- Disqualification from office -- Criminal penalty.
Section 405 Failure to pay over fine, forfeiture or fee.
Section 406 Obstructing collection of revenue.
Section 407 Refusing to give tax assessment information, or giving false information.
Section 408 Giving false tax receipt or failing to give receipt.
Section 409 Refusing to give tax assessor or tax or license collector list of, or denying access to, employees.
Section 410 Doing business without license.
Section 411 Trafficking in warrants.
Section 412 Stealing, destroying or mutilating public records by custodian.
Section 413 Stealing, destroying or mutilating public records by one not custodian.
Section 414 Recording false or forged instruments.
Section 415 Damaging or removing monuments of official surveys.
Section 416 Taking toll or maintaining road, bridge, or ferry without authority -- Refusal to pay lawful toll.
Section 417 Tampering with official notice or proclamation.
Section 418 Damaging jails.
Section 419 Damaging highways or bridges.
Section 420 Removing or damaging road signs.
Section 501 Definitions.
Section 502 False or inconsistent material statements.
Section 503 False or inconsistent statements.
Section 504 Written false statement.
Section 504.5 False statements -- Preliminary hearing.
Section 504.6 False or misleading information.
Section 505 False or inconsistent statements -- Proof of falsity of statements -- Irregularities no defense.
Section 506 Providing false information to law enforcement officers, government agencies, or specified professionals.
Section 507 False personal information to peace officer.
Section 508 Tampering with witness -- Receiving or soliciting a bribe.
Section 508.3 Retaliation against a witness, victim, or informant.
Section 508.5 Tampering with juror -- Retaliation against juror -- Penalty.
Section 509 Extortion or bribery to dismiss criminal proceeding.
Section 510.5 Tampering with evidence -- Definitions -- Elements -- Penalties.
Section 511 Falsification or alteration of government record -- Penalty.
Section 512 Impersonation of officer.
Section 513 False judicial or official notice.
Section 601 Wrongful commencement of action in justice court.
Section 602 Assuming liability for conferring jurisdiction upon justice court judge.
Section 603 Wrongful attachment by justice court judge -- Liability.
Section 701 Definitions.
Section 702 Purpose.
Section 703 Criminal trespass upon an institution of higher education.
Section 705 Willful interference with lawful activities of students or faculty.
Section 707 Assistance by local authorities.
Section 709 Enforcement of laws by local agencies not limited.
Section 716 Request for assistance from state and local law enforcement authorities.
Section 717 Violations -- Classifications of offenses.
Section 801 Definitions.
Section 802 Destruction of property to interfere with preparation for defense or war.
Section 803 Causing or omitting to note defects in articles used in preparation for defense or war.
Section 804 Attempts to commit crimes of sabotage.
Section 805 Conspiracy to commit crimes of sabotage.
Section 806 Facts kept secret until complaint filed.
Section 807 Posting of signs at war or defense facilities -- Entering posted premises without permission.
Section 808 Detention and arrest without warrant of unauthorized persons on posted premises.
Section 809 Closing or restricting use of highways abutting defense or war facilities -- Posting of notices.
Section 810 Violation of order relating to use of highways -- Classification of offense.
Section 811 Bargaining rights of employees not impaired by sabotage prevention laws.
Section 901 "Criminal syndicalism" and "sabotage" defined.
Section 902 Advocating criminal syndicalism or sabotage.
Section 903 Assembly for advocating criminal syndicalism or sabotage.
Section 904 Permitting use of property for assembly advocating criminal syndicalism or sabotage.
Section 1101 Criminal offenses and penalties relating to revenue and taxation -- Rulemaking authority -- Statute of limitations.
Section 1201 Definitions.
Section 1202 Application of part.
Section 1203 Disclosure required -- Penalty.
Section 1204 Disclosure by provider required -- Penalty.
Section 1205 Public assistance fraud defined.
Section 1206 Penalties for public assistance fraud.
Section 1207 Legal actions -- Evidence -- Value of benefits -- Repayment no defense to criminal action.
Section 1301 False statements regarding unemployment compensation -- Penalties.
Section 1401 Definitions.
Section 1402 Disruption of activities in or near school building -- Failure to leave -- Reentry -- Penalties.
Section 1403 Evading law enforcement by going on to school property -- Penalty -- Restitution.
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