Title 78B Chapter 2

Title 78BJudicial Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Chapters: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 2Statutes of Limitations (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions of "tax title" and "action."
Section 102 Time for commencement of actions generally.
Section 103 Action barred in another state barred in Utah.
Section 104 Effect of absence from state.
Section 105 Effect of death.
Section 106 Effect of death of defendant outside this state.
Section 107 Effect of war.
Section 108 Effect of disability -- Minority or mental incompetence.
Section 109 Disability must exist when right of action accrues.
Section 110 All disabilities must be removed.
Section 111 Failure of action -- Right to commence new action.
Section 112 Effect of injunction or prohibition.
Section 113 Effect of payment, acknowledgment, or promise to pay.
Section 114 Separate trial of statute of limitations issue in malpractice actions.
Section 115 Actions by state or other governmental entity.
Section 116 Statute of limitations -- Asbestos damages -- Action by state or governmental entity.
Section 117 Statute of limitations -- Asbestos damages.
Section 201 Actions by the state.
Section 202 Actions by patentees or grantees from state.
Section 203 When letters patent or grants declared void.
Section 204 Seizure or possession within seven years necessary.
Section 205 Seizure or possession within seven years -- Proviso -- Tax title.
Section 206 Holder of tax title -- Limitations of action or defense -- Proviso.
Section 207 Actions or defenses founded upon title to real estate.
Section 208 Adverse possession -- Possession presumed in owner.
Section 209 Adverse possession -- Presumption -- Proviso -- Tax title.
Section 210 Adverse possession -- Under written instrument or judgment.
Section 211 What constitutes adverse possession under written instrument.
Section 212 Adverse possession -- Under claim not founded on written instrument or judgment.
Section 213 What constitutes adverse possession not under written instrument.
Section 214 Adverse possession -- Continuous -- Seven years -- Taxes paid.
Section 215 Adverse possession -- Payment of taxes -- Proviso -- Tax title.
Section 216 Adverse possession of certain real property.
Section 217 Adverse possession -- Possession of tenant considered possession of landlord.
Section 218 Adverse possession -- Possession not affected by descent cast.
Section 219 Adverse possession -- Action to redeem mortgage of real property.
Section 220 Redemption when more than one mortgagor.
Section 221 Actions to recover estate sold by guardian.
Section 222 Actions to recover estate sold by executor or administrator.
Section 223 Minority or disability prevents running of period.
Section 224 Disabilities -- Time tolled.
Section 225 Actions related to improvements in real property.
Section 226 Boundary surveys.
Section 301 Within six months.
Section 302 Within one year.
Section 303 One year -- Actions on claims against county, city, or town.
Section 304 Within two years.
Section 305 Within three years.
Section 306 Action against corporate stockholders or directors.
Section 307 Within four years.
Section 308 Civil actions for sexual abuse of a child.
Section 309 Within six years -- Mesne profits of real property -- Instrument in writing.
Section 310 Actions against public officers -- Within six years.
Section 311 Eight years.
Section 312 Action on mutual account -- When considered accrued.
Section 313 Action to recover deficiency after short sale.
Section 314 Statute of limitations -- Permanent or continuing trespass -- Damages.
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