Title 78B Chapter 6

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Chapter 6Particular Proceedings (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Legislative intent and findings -- Best interest of child -- Interests of each party.
Section 103 Definitions.
Section 104 Limitations.
Section 105 District court venue -- Jurisdiction of juvenile court -- Jurisdiction over nonresidents -- Time for filing.
Section 106 Responsibility of each party for own actions -- Fraud or misrepresentation.
Section 107 Compliance with the Interstate Compact on Placement of Children -- Compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.
Section 108 Alien child -- Evidence of lawful admission to United States required.
Section 109 Determination of rights prior to adoption petition.
Section 110 Notice of adoption proceedings.
Section 110.1 Prebirth notice to presumed father of intent to place a child for adoption.
Section 110.5 Out-of-state birth mothers and adoptive parents -- Declaration regarding potential birth fathers.
Section 111 Criminal sexual offenses.
Section 112 District court jurisdiction over certain termination of parental rights proceedings.
Section 113 Prospective adoptive parent not a resident -- Preplacement requirements.
Section 114 Adoption by married persons -- Consent.
Section 115 Who may adopt -- Adoption of minor -- Adoption of adult.
Section 116 Notice and consent for adoption of an adult.
Section 117 Who may adopt -- Adoption of minor.
Section 118 Relative ages.
Section 119 Counseling for parents.
Section 120 Necessary consent to adoption or relinquishment for adoption.
Section 120.1 Implied consent.
Section 121 Consent of unmarried biological father.
Section 122 Qualifying circumstance.
Section 122.5 Effect of out-of-state paternity adjudication, declaration, or acknowledgment.
Section 123 Power of a minor to consent or relinquish.
Section 124 Persons who may take consents and relinquishments.
Section 125 Time period prior to birth mother's consent.
Section 126 When consent or relinquishment effective.
Section 127 Parents whose rights have been terminated.
Section 128 Preplacement adoptive evaluations -- Exceptions.
Section 129 Postplacement adoptive evaluations.
Section 130 Preplacement and postplacement adoptive studies -- Review by court.
Section 131 Child in custody of state -- Placement.
Section 132 Children in the custody of the Division of Child and Family Services -- Consideration of child's relationship with foster parents who petition for adoption.
Section 133 Contested adoptions -- Rights of parties -- Determination of custody.
Section 134 Custody pending final decree.
Section 135 Division of Child and Family Services -- Duties -- Report -- Fee.
Section 136 Final decree of adoption -- Agreement by adoptive parent or parents.
Section 136.5 Timing of entry of final decree of adoption -- Posthumous adoption.
Section 137 Decree of adoption -- Best interest of child -- Legislative findings.
Section 138 Pre-existing parent's rights and duties dissolved.
Section 139 Name and status of adopted child.
Section 140 Itemization of fees and expenses.
Section 141 Petition, report, and documents sealed -- Exceptions.
Section 142 Adoption order from foreign country.
Section 143 Nonidentifying health history of adoptee filed with office -- Limited availability.
Section 144 Mutual-consent, voluntary adoption registry -- Procedures -- Fees.
Section 145 Restrictions on disclosure of information -- Violations -- Penalty.
Section 146 Postadoption contact agreements.
Section 201 Title.
Section 202 Definitions.
Section 203 Purpose and findings.
Section 204 Dispute Resolution Programs -- Director -- Duties -- Report.
Section 205 Judicial Council rules for ADR procedures.
Section 206 Minimum procedures for arbitration.
Section 207 Minimum procedures for mediation.
Section 208 Confidentiality.
Section 209 Dispute Resolution Restricted Account -- Appropriation.
Section 301 Acts and omissions constituting contempt.
Section 302 Contempt in immediate presence of court -- Summary action -- Outside presence of court -- procedure.
Section 303 Warrant of attachment or commitment order to show cause.
Section 304 Bail.
Section 305 Duty of sheriff -- Excuse for nonappearance -- Unnecessary restraint forbidden.
Section 306 Bail bond -- Form.
Section 307 Officer's return.
Section 308 Procedure when party charged fails to appear.
Section 309 Hearing.
Section 310 Contempt -- Action by court.
Section 311 Damages to party aggrieved.
Section 312 Imprisonment to compel performance.
Section 313 Contempt of process of nonjudicial officer -- Procedure.
Section 314 Re-entry after eviction from real property.
Section 315 Noncompliance with child support order.
Section 316 Compensatory service for violation of parent-time order or failure to pay child support.
Section 401 Jurisdiction of district courts -- Form -- Effect.
Section 402 Court's general powers.
Section 403 Parties.
Section 404 Discretion to deny declaratory relief.
Section 405 Appeals and reviews.
Section 406 Supplemental relief.
Section 407 Trial of issues of fact.
Section 408 Rights, status, legal relations under instruments, or statutes may be determined.
Section 409 Contracts.
Section 410 Suit by fiduciary or representative.
Section 411 Costs.
Section 412 Chapter to be liberally construed.
Section 501 Eminent domain -- Uses for which right may be exercised.
Section 502 Estates and rights that may be taken.
Section 503 Private property which may be taken.
Section 503.5 Other property which may be taken -- State as plaintiff.
Section 504 Conditions precedent to taking.
Section 505 Negotiation and disclosure required before filing an eminent domain action.
Section 506 Right of entry for survey and location.
Section 507 Complaint -- Contents.
Section 508 Who may appear and defend.
Section 509 Powers of court or judge -- Settlement offer -- Litigation expenses.
Section 510 Occupancy of premises pending action -- Deposit paid into court -- Procedure for payment of compensation.
Section 511 Compensation and damages -- How assessed.
Section 512 Damages -- When right has accrued -- Mitigation or reduction -- Improvements.
Section 513 When title sought found defective -- Another action allowed.
Section 514 Payment of award -- Bond from railroad to secure fencing.
Section 515 Distribution of award -- Execution -- Annulment of proceedings on failure to pay.
Section 516 Judgment of condemnation -- Recordation -- Effect.
Section 517 Substitution of bond for deposit paid into court -- Abandonment of action by condemner -- Conditions of dismissal.
Section 518 Rights of cities and towns not affected.
Section 519 When right of way acquired -- Duty of party acquiring.
Section 520 Action to set aside condemnation for failure to commence or complete construction within reasonable time.
Section 520.3 Property sold under threat of eminent domain -- Right to repurchase property if property not used for purpose for which acquired.
Section 521 Sale of property acquired by eminent domain.
Section 522 Dispute resolution.
Section 601 Penalty for wrongful refusal to allow writ of habeas corpus.
Section 602 Recommitment.
Section 603 Recommitment after discharge forbidden -- Exceptions.
Section 604 Refusing to exhibit authority for detention -- Penalty.
Section 605 Penalties for wrongful acts of defendant.
Section 606 Judgment of removal -- Costs -- Penalty by fine where state is party.
Section 607 Judgment against director of corporation -- Of induction in favor of person entitled.
Section 608 Action for damages because of usurpation -- Limitation of action.
Section 609 Mandamus and prohibition -- Judgment.
Section 610 Disobedience of writ -- Punishment.
Section 701 Title.
Section 702 Definition -- Unreasonably dangerous.
Section 703 Defect or defective condition making product unreasonably dangerous -- Rebuttable presumption.
Section 704 Prayer for damages.
Section 705 Alteration or modification of product after sale as substantial contributing cause -- Manufacturer or seller not liable.
Section 706 Statute of limitations.
Section 707 Indemnification provisions void and unenforceable.
Section 801 Definitions.
Section 802 Unlawful detainer by tenant for a term less than life.
Section 802.5 Unlawful detainer after foreclosure or forced sale.
Section 803 Right of tenant of agricultural lands to hold over.
Section 804 Remedies available to tenant against undertenant.
Section 805 Notice to quit -- How served.
Section 806 Necessary parties defendant.
Section 807 Allegations permitted in complaint -- Time for appearance -- Service of summons.
Section 808 Possession bond of plaintiff -- Alternative remedies.
Section 809 Proof required of plaintiff -- Defense.
Section 810 Court procedures.
Section 811 Judgment for restitution, damages, and rent -- Immediate enforcement -- Treble damages.
Section 812 Order of restitution -- Service -- Enforcement -- Disposition of personal property -- Hearing.
Section 813 Time for appeal.
Section 814 Exclusion of tenant without judicial process prohibited -- Abandoned premises excepted.
Section 815 Abandonment.
Section 816 Abandoned premises -- Retaking and rerenting by owner -- Liability of tenant -- Personal property of tenant left on premises.
Section 901 Form of action -- Judgment -- Special execution.
Section 901.5 Notice to tenant on residential property to be foreclosed.
Section 902 Deficiency judgment -- Execution.
Section 903 Necessary parties -- Unrecorded rights barred.
Section 904 Sales -- Disposition of surplus money.
Section 905 Sales -- When debt due in installments.
Section 906 Right of redemption -- Sales by parcels -- Of land and water stock.
Section 907 Restraining possessor from injuring property.
Section 908 Attorney fees.
Section 909 Environmental impairment to real property security interest -- Remedies of lender.
Section 1001 Right of action for waste -- Damages.
Section 1002 Right of action for injuries to trees -- Damage.
Section 1003 Limited damages in certain cases.
Section 1101 Definitions -- Nuisance -- Right of action.
Section 1102 Action.
Section 1102.5 Violation of order enjoining a nuisance.
Section 1103 Manufacturing facility in operation over three years -- Limited application of restrictions.
Section 1104 Agricultural operations -- Nuisance liability.
Section 1105 Tobacco smoke -- Legislative intent.
Section 1106 Rental units -- Tobacco smoke.
Section 1107 Nuisance -- Drug houses and drug dealing -- Gambling -- Group criminal activity -- Party house -- Prostitution -- Weapons -- Abatement by eviction.
Section 1108 Nuisance -- Abatement by eviction.
Section 1109 Abatement by eviction order -- Grounds.
Section 1110 Prior acts or threats of violence -- Protection of witnesses.
Section 1111 Landlord, owner, or designated agent -- Necessary party -- Automatic eviction.
Section 1112 Security requirement -- Amount not a limitation -- Jurisdiction over surety.
Section 1113 Evidence of nuisance.
Section 1114 Award of costs and attorney fees.
Section 1201 Partition -- By cotenants of real property.
Section 1202 Complaint -- To set forth interests of all parties.
Section 1203 Parties -- Only holders of recorded rights necessary.
Section 1204 Lis pendens required.
Section 1205 Summons -- To whom directed.
Section 1206 Service by publication.
Section 1207 Answer must set forth interests claimed.
Section 1208 Right of all parties may be determined.
Section 1209 Partial partition allowed -- When.
Section 1210 When all holders of recorded rights are not made parties -- Procedure -- Reference.
Section 1211 Notice of appearance before referee -- Referee's report.
Section 1212 If partition prejudicial, sale in lieu thereof -- Partition by referees.
Section 1213 Duties and powers of referees -- Procedure.
Section 1214 Report of referees.
Section 1215 Confirmation, modification, or vacation by court -- Effect of death of party before judgment.
Section 1216 Tenant for years, less than 10, not affected by judgment.
Section 1217 Referees' expenses and fees -- Apportionment.
Section 1218 Liens on undivided interests -- Apportionment.
Section 1219 Setoff of estate for life or for years.
Section 1220 Proceeds of sale of encumbered property -- Disposition of.
Section 1221 Lienholders required to exhaust other security first.
Section 1222 Distribution of proceeds or securities.
Section 1223 Determination of adverse claims.
Section 1224 Sales at public auction -- Notice.
Section 1225 Sales on credit -- Order for.
Section 1226 Security for payment.
Section 1227 Compensation for interest of tenant for life or years.
Section 1228 Court determines reasonable compensation for tenant.
Section 1229 If tenant unknown.
Section 1230 Protection of vested, contingent, or future rights.
Section 1231 Terms of sales -- Separate sale of distinct parcels.
Section 1232 Who may not be purchaser.
Section 1233 Report of referees to the courts of sales.
Section 1234 Referees' deed on confirmation -- Disposition of proceeds.
Section 1235 Allowance on purchase price -- When interested party is purchaser.
Section 1236 Conveyance to be recorded -- Operates as a bar.
Section 1237 Investment of sale proceeds for nonresidents or unknown parties.
Section 1238 Clerk of court to be custodian.
Section 1239 Distribution of securities to parties entitled.
Section 1240 Investment of securities by court clerk -- Accounting.
Section 1241 Equalization.
Section 1242 Interests of minor -- Payment to guardian.
Section 1243 Partition -- Payment of costs -- Enforcement of judgment.
Section 1244 One referee instead of three allowed by consent.
Section 1245 Lien for costs and expenses advanced by one for benefit of all.
Section 1246 Abstract of title -- Costs and inspection.
Section 1247 Interest on advances to be allowed.
Section 1301 Quiet title -- Action to determine adverse claim to property.
Section 1302 Definitions.
Section 1303 Lis pendens -- Notice.
Section 1304 Motions related to a notice of the pendency of an action.
Section 1305 Disclaimer or default by defendant -- Costs.
Section 1306 Termination of title pending action -- Judgment -- Damages.
Section 1307 Setoff or counterclaim for improvements made.
Section 1308 Right of entry pending action for purposes of action.
Section 1309 Order for entry -- Liability for injuries.
Section 1310 Mortgage not considered a conveyance -- Foreclosure necessary.
Section 1311 Alienation pending action not to prejudice recovery.
Section 1312 Actions respecting mining claims -- Proof of customs and usage admissible.
Section 1313 Temporary injunction in actions involving title to mining claims.
Section 1314 Service of summons and conclusiveness of judgment.
Section 1315 Judgment on default -- Court must require evidence -- Conclusiveness of judgment.
Section 1401 Title.
Section 1402 Definitions.
Section 1403 Applicability.
Section 1404 Procedures.
Section 1405 Counter actions -- Attorney fees -- Damages.
Section 1501 Title.
Section 1502 Definitions.
Section 1503 Required disclosures to payee.
Section 1504 Approval of transfers of structured settlement payment rights.
Section 1505 Effects of transfer of structured settlement payment rights.
Section 1506 Procedure for approval of transfers.
Section 1507 General provisions -- Construction.
Section 1508 Effective date.
Section 1601 Title.
Section 1602 Definitions.
Section 1603 Citation -- Civil penalty.
Section 1604 Collection of civil penalty.
Section 1605 Reservation of legal options -- Ordinances.
Section 1606 Appeals.
Section 1701 Cause of action for identity theft.
Section 1801 Title.
Section 1802 Renewal by motion.
Section 1803 Notice.
Section 1804 Date and duration of judgment.
Section 1901 Title -- Purpose.
Section 1902 Definitions.
Section 1903 Prohibition against distribution of demand letters containing bad faith assertions of patent infringement.
Section 1904 Action -- Enforcement -- Remedies -- Damages.
Section 1905 Bond.
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