Constitution Article VII Section 6

Executive Department
Section 6
[Convening of extra sessions of Legislature -- Advance public notice.]


Article VII, Section 6.   [Convening of extra sessions of Legislature -- Advance public notice.]

            (1) (a) On extraordinary occasions, the Governor may convene the Legislature by proclamation, in which shall be stated the purpose for which the Legislature is to be convened, and it may transact no legislative business except that for which it was especially convened, or such other legislative business as the Governor may call to its attention while in session, subject to Subsection (1)(b). The Legislature, however, may provide for the expenses of the session and other matters incidental thereto.

            (b) The Legislature may not transact any legislative business in a special session convened under Subsection (1)(a) for which the Governor has not provided 48 hours advance public notice, except in cases of declared emergency or with the concurrence of two-thirds of all members elected to each house.

            (2) The Governor may also by proclamation convene the Senate in extraordinary session for the transaction of executive business.

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