Constitution Article VIII Section 13

Judicial Department
Section 13
[Judicial Conduct Commission.]


Article VIII, Section 13.   [Judicial Conduct Commission.]

            A Judicial Conduct Commission is established which shall investigate and conduct confidential hearings regarding complaints against any justice or judge. Following its investigations and hearings, the Judicial Conduct Commission may order the reprimand, censure, suspension, removal, or involuntary retirement of any justice or judge for the following:

            (1) action which constitutes willful misconduct in office;

            (2) final conviction of a crime punishable as a felony under state or federal law;

            (3) willful and persistent failure to perform judicial duties;

            (4) disability that seriously interferes with the performance of judicial duties; or

            (5) conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings a judicial office into disrepute.

            Prior to the implementation of any commission order, the Supreme Court shall review the commission's proceedings as to both law and fact. The court may also permit the introduction of additional evidence. After its review, the Supreme Court shall, as it finds just and proper, issue its order implementing, rejecting, or modifying the commission's order. The Legislature by statute shall provide for the composition and procedures of the Judicial Conduct Commission.

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