Title 10 Chapter 9a Section 603

Utah Municipal Code
Municipal Land Use, Development, and Management Act
Section 603
Plat required when land is subdivided -- Approval of plat -- Owner acknowledgment, surveyor certification, and underground utility facilities owner approval of plat -- Recording plat.


10-9a-603.   Plat required when land is subdivided -- Approval of plat -- Owner acknowledgment, surveyor certification, and underground utility facilities owner approval of plat -- Recording plat.

            (1) Unless exempt under Section 10-9a-605 or excluded from the definition of subdivision under Section 10-9a-103, whenever any land is laid out and platted, the owner of the land shall provide an accurate plat that describes or specifies:

            (a) a subdivision name that is distinct from any subdivision name on a plat recorded in the county recorder's office;

            (b) the boundaries, course, and dimensions of all of the parcels of ground divided, by their boundaries, course, and extent, whether the owner proposes that any parcel of ground is intended to be used as a street or for any other public use, and whether any such area is reserved or proposed for dedication for a public purpose;

            (c) the lot or unit reference, block or building reference, street or site address, street name or coordinate address, acreage or square footage for all parcels, units, or lots, and length and width of the blocks and lots intended for sale; and

            (d) every existing right-of-way and easement grant of record for underground facilities, as defined in Section 54-8a-2, and for other utility facilities.

            (2) (a) Subject to Subsections (3), (4), and (5), if the plat conforms to the municipality's ordinances and this part and has been approved by the culinary water authority and the sanitary sewer authority, the municipality shall approve the plat.

            (b) Municipalities are encouraged to receive a recommendation from the fire authority before approving a plat.

            (3) The municipality may withhold an otherwise valid plat approval until the owner of the land provides the legislative body with a tax clearance indicating that all taxes, interest, and penalties owing on the land have been paid.

            (4) (a) A plat may not be submitted to a county recorder for recording unless:

            (i) prior to recordation, each owner of record of land described on the plat has signed the owner's dedication as shown on the plat; and

            (ii) the signature of each owner described in Subsection (4)(a)(i) is acknowledged as provided by law.

            (b) The surveyor making the plat shall certify that the surveyor:

            (i) holds a license in accordance with Title 58, Chapter 22, Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors Licensing Act;

            (ii) has completed a survey of the property described on the plat in accordance with Section 17-23-17 and has verified all measurements; and

            (iii) has placed monuments as represented on the plat.

            (c) (i) As applicable, the owner or operator of the underground and utility facilities shall approve the:

            (A) boundary, course, dimensions, and intended use of the right-of-way and easement grants of record;

            (B) location of existing underground and utility facilities; and

            (C) conditions or restrictions governing the location of the facilities within the right-of-way, and easement grants of records, and utility facilities within the subdivision.

            (ii) The approval of an owner or operator under Subsection (4)(c)(i):

            (A) indicates only that the plat approximates the location of the existing underground and utility facilities but does not warrant or verify their precise location; and

            (B) does not affect a right that the owner or operator has under:

            (I) Title 54, Chapter 8a, Damage to Underground Utility Facilities;

            (II) a recorded easement or right-of-way;

            (III) the law applicable to prescriptive rights; or

            (IV) any other provision of law.

            (5) (a) After the plat has been acknowledged, certified, and approved, the owner of the land shall, within the time period designated by ordinance, record the plat in the county recorder's office in the county in which the lands platted and laid out are situated.

            (b) An owner's failure to record a plat within the time period designated by ordinance renders the plat voidable.

Amended by Chapter 269, 2010 General Session

Amended by Chapter 381, 2010 General Session