Title 17 Chapter 27a Section 302

County Land Use, Development, and Management Act
Section 302
Planning commission powers and duties.


17-27a-302.   Planning commission powers and duties.

            (1) Each countywide or township planning commission shall, with respect to the unincorporated area of the county, or the township, make a recommendation to the county legislative body for:

            (a) a general plan and amendments to the general plan;

            (b) land use ordinances, zoning maps, official maps, and amendments;

            (c) an appropriate delegation of power to at least one designated land use authority to hear and act on a land use application;

            (d) an appropriate delegation of power to at least one appeal authority to hear and act on an appeal from a decision of the land use authority; and

            (e) application processes that:

            (i) may include a designation of routine land use matters that, upon application and proper notice, will receive informal streamlined review and action if the application is uncontested; and

            (ii) shall protect the right of each:

            (A) applicant and third party to require formal consideration of any application by a land use authority;

            (B) applicant, adversely affected party, or county officer or employee to appeal a land use authority's decision to a separate appeal authority; and

            (C) participant to be heard in each public hearing on a contested application.

            (2) The planning commission of a township under this part may recommend to the legislative body of the county in which the township is located that the legislative body file a protest to a proposed annexation of an area located within the township, as provided in Subsection 10-2-407(1)(b).

Amended by Chapter 359, 2012 General Session