Title 17 Chapter 27a Section 513

County Land Use, Development, and Management Act
Section 513
Manufactured homes.


17-27a-513.   Manufactured homes.

            (1) For purposes of this section, a manufactured home is the same as defined in Section 15A-1-302, except that the manufactured home shall be attached to a permanent foundation in accordance with plans providing for vertical loads, uplift, and lateral forces and frost protection in compliance with the applicable building code. All appendages, including carports, garages, storage buildings, additions, or alterations shall be built in compliance with the applicable building code.

            (2) A manufactured home may not be excluded from any land use zone or area in which a single-family residence would be permitted, provided the manufactured home complies with all local land use ordinances, building codes, and any restrictive covenants, applicable to a single-family residence within that zone or area.

            (3) A county may not:

            (a) adopt or enforce an ordinance or regulation that treats a proposed development that includes manufactured homes differently than one that does not include manufactured homes; or

            (b) reject a development plan based on the fact that the development is expected to contain manufactured homes.

Amended by Chapter 14, 2011 General Session

Amended by Chapter 297, 2011 General Session