Title 17 Chapter 27a Section 608

County Land Use, Development, and Management Act
Section 608
Vacating or amending a subdivision plat.


17-27a-608.   Vacating or amending a subdivision plat.

            (1) (a) A fee owner of land, as shown on the last county assessment roll, in a subdivision that has been laid out and platted as provided in this part may file a written petition with the land use authority to have some or all of the plat vacated or amended.

            (b) If a petition is filed under Subsection (1)(a), the land use authority shall provide notice of the petition by mail, email, or other effective means to each affected entity that provides a service to an owner of record of the portion of the plat that is being vacated or amended at least 10 calendar days before the land use authority may approve the vacation or amendment of the plat.

            (c) If a petition is filed under Subsection (1)(a), the land use authority shall hold a public hearing within 45 days after the day on which the petition is filed if:

            (i) any owner within the plat notifies the county of the owner's objection in writing within 10 days of mailed notification; or

            (ii) a public hearing is required because all of the owners in the subdivision have not signed the revised plat.

            (2) Unless a local ordinance provides otherwise, the public hearing requirement of Subsection (1)(c) does not apply and a land use authority may consider at a public meeting an owner's petition to vacate or amend a subdivision plat if:

            (a) the petition seeks to:

            (i) join two or more of the petitioning fee owner's contiguous lots;

            (ii) subdivide one or more of the petitioning fee owner's lots, if the subdivision will not result in a violation of a land use ordinance or a development condition;

            (iii) adjust the lot lines of adjoining lots or parcels if the fee owners of each of the adjoining lots or parcels join the petition, regardless of whether the lots or parcels are located in the same subdivision;

            (iv) on a lot owned by the petitioning fee owner, adjust an internal lot restriction imposed by the local political subdivision; or

            (v) alter the plat in a manner that does not change existing boundaries or other attributes of lots within the subdivision that are not:

            (A) owned by the petitioner; or

            (B) designated as a common area; and

            (b) notice has been given to adjacent property owners in accordance with any applicable local ordinance.

            (3) Each request to vacate or amend a plat that contains a request to vacate or amend a public street, right-of-way, or easement is also subject to Section 17-27a-609.5.

            (4) Each petition to vacate or amend an entire plat or a portion of a plat shall include:

            (a) the name and address of each owner of record of the land contained in:

            (i) the entire plat; or

            (ii) that portion of the plan described in the petition; and

            (b) the signature of each owner who consents to the petition.

            (5) (a) The owners of record of adjacent parcels that are described by either a metes and bounds description or by a recorded plat may exchange title to portions of those parcels if the exchange of title is approved by the land use authority in accordance with Subsection (5)(b).

            (b) The land use authority shall approve an exchange of title under Subsection (5)(a) if the exchange of title will not result in a violation of any land use ordinance.

            (c) If an exchange of title is approved under Subsection (5)(b):

            (i) a notice of approval shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder which:

            (A) is executed by each owner included in the exchange and by the land use authority;

            (B) contains an acknowledgment for each party executing the notice in accordance with the provisions of Title 57, Chapter 2a, Recognition of Acknowledgments Act; and

            (C) recites the descriptions of both the original parcels and the parcels created by the exchange of title; and

            (ii) a document of conveyance of title reflecting the approved change shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder.

            (d) A notice of approval recorded under this Subsection (5) does not act as a conveyance of title to real property and is not required to record a document conveying title to real property.

            (6) (a) The name of a recorded subdivision may be changed by recording an amended plat making that change, as provided in this section and subject to Subsection (6)(c).

            (b) The surveyor preparing the amended plat shall certify that the surveyor:

            (i) holds a license in accordance with Title 58, Chapter 22, Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors Licensing Act;

            (ii) has completed a survey of the property described on the plat in accordance with Section 17-23-17 and has verified all measurements; and

            (iii) has placed monuments as represented on the plat.

            (c) An owner of land may not submit for recording an amended plat that gives the subdivision described in the amended plat the same name as a subdivision recorded in the county recorder's office.

            (d) Except as provided in Subsection (6)(a), the recording of a declaration or other document that purports to change the name of a recorded plat is void.

Amended by Chapter 136, 2014 General Session