Title 20A Chapter 8 Section 102

Election Code
Political Party Formation and Procedures
Section 102
Organization of newly registered political parties -- Rights.


20A-8-102.   Organization of newly registered political parties -- Rights.

            (1) Any organization of voters whose organization did not participate in the last regular general election, or whose organization polled a total vote equivalent to less than 2% of the total vote cast for all candidates for the United States House of Representatives for any of its candidates in both of the last two regular general elections shall comply with the requirements of this chapter to become a registered political party.

            (2) (a) Unless an organization of registered voters is a registered political party under this chapter, it may not place the names of candidates representing that organization upon the primary and regular general election ballots under the common organization name.

            (b) Nothing in this subsection prohibits an organization of voters from qualifying candidates as independent candidates or as write-in candidates.

Amended by Chapter 292, 2012 General Session