Title 31A Chapter 5 Section 219

Insurance Code
Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurance Corporations
Section 219
Amendment of articles.


31A-5-219.   Amendment of articles.

            (1) Subject to Subsection (3) and to the requirements of the Insurance Code, a stock corporation may amend its articles under Sections 16-10a-1001 through 16-10a-1009 and a mutual may amend its articles under Sections 16-6a-1001 through 16-6a-1005 in any manner, including substantial changes of its original purposes. No amendment may be made contrary to Subsections 31A-5-203(1) through (3).

            (2) An amendment becomes effective when the properly adopted and filed articles of amendment are approved by the commissioner.

            (3) Section 16-10a-1009 applies to stock corporations and the second paragraph of Section 16-6a-1009 applies to mutuals.

Amended by Chapter 300, 2000 General Session