Title 31A Chapter 26 Section 212

Insurance Code
Insurance Adjusters
Section 212
Emergency license.


31A-26-212.   Emergency license.

            In the event of a catastrophe or emergency which arises out of a disaster, act of God, riot, civil commotion, conflagration, or other similar occurrence, the commissioner shall, upon application, issue emergency licenses to persons who are not licensed adjusters. An emergency license shall be applied for within a week of beginning claims adjustment. It may remain in force for not more than 90 days, unless extended by the commissioner before it expires for an additional period of not more than 90 additional days. The insurer who contracts with an independent adjuster who is so licensed is responsible for all his claims practices while so engaged, as if he were a regular salaried employee. The fee for an emergency license is the same as the fee required of other licensed adjusters, unless the commissioner waives the fee.

Enacted by Chapter 242, 1985 General Session