Title 32B Chapter 1 Section 103

Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
Alcoholic Beverage Control General Provisions
Section 103


32B-1-103.   Policy.

            The policies of the state are as follows:

            (1) This title shall be administered in a manner that is nonpartisan and free of partisan political influence.

            (2) Alcoholic product control shall be operated as a public business using sound management principles and practices. This public business shall:

            (a) be governed by a commission;

            (b) be operated by a department; and

            (c) function with the intent of servicing the public demand for alcoholic products.

            (3) The commission and department may not promote or encourage the sale or consumption of alcoholic products.

            (4) The commission shall conduct, license, and regulate the sale of alcoholic products in a manner and at prices that:

            (a) reasonably satisfy the public demand and protect the public interest, including the rights of citizens who do not wish to be involved with alcoholic products; and

            (b) will promote the reduction of the harmful effects of:

            (i) over consumption of alcoholic products by adults; and

            (ii) consumption of alcoholic products by minors.

Enacted by Chapter 276, 2010 General Session