Title 35A Chapter 2 Section 201

Utah Workforce Services Code
Economic Service Areas
Section 201
Services provided in economic service areas.


35A-2-201.   Services provided in economic service areas.

            (1) Economic service areas shall:

            (a) through their employment centers, be the primary provider of services and support under Chapter 3, Employment Support Act;

            (b) broker or contract for services or training under Chapter 5, Training and Workforce Improvement Act; and

            (c) serve as economic service area clearinghouses of information concerning workforce development and services and support available under this title.

            (2) (a) In providing, brokering, or contracting for the services or training described in Subsection (1)(b), the economic service area director, in consultation with the executive director, shall ensure that the economic service area provides, brokers, or contracts for services and training that meet the needs of the special needs population in the economic service area.

            (b) For purposes of Subsection (2)(a), "special needs population" means individuals who have special employment needs based on factors including race, gender, age, disability, economic status, education, language skills, and work history.

Amended by Chapter 188, 2011 General Session