Title 35A Chapter 3 Section 303

Utah Workforce Services Code
Employment Support Act
Section 303


35A-3-303.   Diversion.

            (1) (a) When an applicant applies for cash assistance, the division shall assess whether the applicant should be diverted from receiving extended cash assistance. In completing the assessment, the division shall consider the following:

            (i) the applicant's employment history;

            (ii) the likelihood of the applicant obtaining immediate full-time employment;

            (iii) the applicant's general prospect for obtaining full-time employment;

            (iv) the applicant's need for cash assistance to pay for housing or substantial and unforeseen expenses or work-related expenses;

            (v) housing stability; and

            (vi) the adequacy of the applicant's child care arrangements, if applicable.

            (b) A finding by the division with regard to eligibility for diversion shall primarily consider whether, but for the diversion assistance received under this section, the applicant would receive extended cash assistance.

            (2) If the division determines that the applicant is eligible for diversion assistance and the applicant agrees with this determination, the division shall provide a single payment of cash assistance up to three times the maximum monthly amount of cash assistance that the applicant would be otherwise qualified to receive based on household size.

            (3) When diversion is not appropriate, an applicant may receive cash assistance as otherwise provided in this part.

Enacted by Chapter 174, 1997 General Session