Title 35A Chapter 5 Section 102

Utah Workforce Services Code
Training and Workforce Improvement Act
Section 102
Federal grants for retraining.


35A-5-102.   Federal grants for retraining.

            (1) By following the procedures and requirements of Title 63J, Chapter 5, Federal Funds Procedures, the state, through the Employment Development Division may and is encouraged to apply for retraining, community assistance, or technology transfer funds available through:

            (a) the United States Department of Defense;

            (b) United States Department of Labor; or

            (c) other appropriate federal offices or departments.

            (2) In applying for federal funds, the state through its Employment Development Division or other appropriate office may inform the federal government of state matching or enhancement funds if those funds are available under Section 67-1-12.

Amended by Chapter 382, 2008 General Session