Title 35A Chapter 7 Section 106

Utah Workforce Services Code
Centralized New Hire Registry Act
Section 106
Penalties for failure to report.


35A-7-106.   Penalties for failure to report.

            (1) An employer who fails to timely report the hiring or rehiring of an employee as required by this chapter is subject to a civil penalty of:

            (a) $25 for each such failure; or

            (b) $500 if the failure to report is intentional and is the result of an agreement between the employer and the employee to not supply the required information, or to supply false or incomplete information.

            (2) The department may assess the penalty by following the procedures and requirements of Title 63G, Chapter 4, Administrative Procedures Act. The department shall collect any unpaid civil penalty in the same manner as provided for other penalties under Subsections 35A-4-305(3) and (5).

Amended by Chapter 382, 2008 General Session