Title 36 Chapter 25 Section 103

Rural Development Legislative Liaison Committee
Section 103


36-25-103.   Duties.

            (1) The committee shall:

            (a) serve as a liaison between the Governor's Rural Partnership Board, the Utah Rural Development Council, rural economic development and planning groups, and the Legislature;

            (b) recommend legislation for each annual general session of the Legislature if the committee determines that modifications to current law are in the best interest of the state and the economic and planning interests of rural Utah;

            (c) review the operations of the Office of Rural Development and other state agencies involved in rural economic development and planning; and

            (d) help sponsor meetings and other opportunities for discussion with and between rural economic development and planning interests.

            (2) In conducting its business, the committee shall comply with the rules of legislative interim committees.

Enacted by Chapter 73, 2004 General Session